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So last Sat went out with a couple wings, drinking and everything is fucking great. Good vibes n the homies are mobbing out. I'll spare you the details of the rest of the night and get right to it. 

One of my wings has a strong set of hotties. Latinas and sexy lil persian kim kardashian wannabes. I notice wing as i'm kinda making my way through the crowd and just roll up on my girl. Sexy lil thing, and funny enough  her cousin tries to kinda cock block, but then looks back at me and pulls her friend in and says without realizing she's being loud "Omg he's hot, sorry i didn't mean to. go talk to him!" lol. I'm unfazed by all this and just getting in there and say what's up and blah blah blah. I introduce myself to her over protective cousin, and we're all vibing -- wing from MW forum is already making out with his respective girl, nice. Reminds me that I need to be fucking escalating, so I zero in on my girl like I'm the god damn terminator. 

Full on escalation is happening between my girl and I now, in front of her cousin and all her lil friends, enveloped in our lil bubble of love. I don't give a fuck. We're macking now and I pull her and her cousin to the bar real quick for a drink 'cuz i'm sober and want to get my buzz going. The vibe is very very playful and the energy is good. Move her again back over towards the middle, near the bar on the inside of this venue. Her cousin tries to drag her away. UH UH. Not on my watch. Hold her hand as her cousin tries to drag her off lol. Pull her in firmly but softly and start making out with her while her cousin is holding her hand.... "Where do you think you're going?" as I look into her beautiful green eyes. "I.... i have to go." ... "No you don't, you're already here with me." Her cousin tries dragging her again and again I stop her lol. (Side note: I should've addressed the cousin here as that would've likely handled the scenario. I didn't handle this right) I let her go at this point. As I'm texting a bunch of ppl to see what's up she comes back 2 min later with her cousin.

"I came back for you.... I brought you a present ... it's this small coke bottle." 
"Aw beb, that's so cute. Did you smuggle the lil coke bottles across the border for me?" (She's mexican) 

Bullshit around for a hot SECOND. 

"Ok, let's get out of here. I wanna gamble. You two are gonna be my lil good luck charms." Go lead them around the casino and having to constantly get their attention back 'cuz the cousin is ready to leave lol. Gamble for a hot second, they sit down cuz their feet are tired. Just in that time alone they get hit on by two dudes. Like a sign from the gods i fucking crap out. Grab my leftovers and bee-line it right to her. I don't even want to address these dudes as I don't even think it is necessary -- I just cut through them and grab my girl by the face and start making out with her passionately in front of everyone. POOF, they walk away. 

One guy is pretty pissed and starts cussing at me, clearly very very upset lol. 

Me: That's just how this shit goes sometimes. 

He flips me off. 

Me: Aw don't be salty dude lol, it's all good. 

Walk towards uber. I have been pussyfooting around and I realize this is taking FAR too long. Tell my girl "Yo ... let's go back to mine hun we can get a drink and relax." She said she wanted to but has to ask my cousin. "Girl, I know you're a big girl, you got this." You gotta ask my cousin ... Pull cousin aside "Look ... grab my number and call me so you have my number. I'll text you my address so you know where she'll be so you can grab her." 

Her: ...... OKAY one second we need to talk!

She slightly pushes me away as she does this. I think it's cool to just let the girls hash this out sometimes lol. After a few min of me texting I am not gonna wait any longer, they don't need 20 min to figure this out. Roll up back in. "So she's not coming back with you we need to go back to our hotel" so I just come in over the top "yoooo i'm hungry lets go eat." YESSSSS lets go eat aequitas lol. So we roll out to their hotel, grab an uber, lead them there. Roll up to their room apparently first 'cuz the cousin wanted to go to sleep and both girls are exhausted from walking in heels all night. They refused to let me into their room because apparently had 10 different girls here lol. 

"Alright, i'll wait for you here."

2 min pass and she comes out.

"You better wait for me i'm coming back out!"

Set my timer for 10 min and if in that time she doesn't come out i'm planning on full on banging on that fucking door till she answers lol. Text a few wings and girls to set up back ups. 

She comes out and we roll out to eat. Mind you the whole night she's telling me how she's prettier than me and how Ineed to stop thinking i'm hotter than her. At first I'm kinda like aw that's cute hun, c'mere and then we'd make out but she doesn't stop doing this lol. So finally I'm like "look hun ... that's not really a good look for you. it genuinely strikes me like you're insecure." She "resisted" this idea but I could see that I took the wind out of her sail and her voice trailed off as she said "no i'm not ... i am prettier than you." That stopped coming up for the rest of the night. I buy her cousin a burger and somehow got this misconception that she was tooling me. So we roll up to the elevator and I try leading her to my place. "I'm not going home with you! I told you I’m not leaving this property with you!" Hun, what're you doing, let's go cuddle n sleep. She just storms off .... I hold steady there.... she slides up in my DM and texts the following about 20 min later:

Her: Really
Me: What's up honeybear (30 min later)
Her: Um you didn't wait for me
Me: Haha aw that's cute that you came back down for me
Her: Duh
Me: lol let's move this to text what's your number hun 

We text a bit, i send her a funny video and more or less make plans to hang at 3pm but i fall asleep. Wake up to a missed phone call.

Me: Shit my bad hun I slept through my alarms. Do you wanna hang between dinner and going out?
Her: You're so lame. I was trying to call you.
Her: I decided not to do the dinner thing.
​Me: Ah ok. Well come over then hun, we don't have to be high energy.
Her: Ok.
Me: Address
Her: I can’t go alone
Me: Huh? Why pumpkin you’re a big girl lol
Her: Ew what
Her: No I’m not
Me: I mean we’re probs gonna pass out so unless they wanna come nap too lol
Her: No come get me
Her: I don’t really wanna bring them
Me: K gimme a bit imma freshen up real quick
Her: Ok
Me: Main entrance where that big ass lion is lol

*Some more texting and I call her to figure out where she is when I get to the main entrance of the hotel*

I immediately hug her and she won’t even touch me lol! Just grab an aspirin at the hotel store and waltz our way towards the uber pick up at the hotel, assuming she’s just coming along, and just simply talking for the sake of talking. Roll into the uber and it quicklyl becomes this thing where me n the uber driver have a pretty good convo about Hispanic dishes. I’m in my own world and she’s tagging along for the ride. Roll up to my spot and this girl refuses to kiss me lol. “Ew don’t kiss my face, I don’t like my face touched.” …. “mmmm oh yeah?” all the while kissing her again lol. Ask her if she wants some this vodka diet coke that I made and she’s just being a negative nancy.

It’s actually quite comical how negative she’s being about everything – to the point where it dawns on me that she just wants to see if anything will fuck with me…. It obviously doesn’t lol. “Yeah that’s cool, I was only offering to be polite you can’t have any lol.” Keep trying to kiss and she’s not having it – except now she wants some of the booze. “It taste like cough syrup ew” but she keeps drinking haha. “Let’s go to my bed” and I grab her hand as I’m saying this. She won’t budge… no biggie, trust the process.

She starts texting other guys and at first I’m being weak in how I’m telling her she needs to stop… eventually I grab it but she’s holding onto it tightly… alright now I’m annoyed and I project strength “ Yo put your phone down before I fucking throw it against the wall – matter a fact I will bury your phone in the desert if you don’t stop fucking taking it out.” (credit: Daddyjihad) …. She’s quiet ……….. I grab her phone and put it away. Conversation carries on at this point.

At some point not too long after I get up to make another drink and since I don’t trust this girl I highly suspect she’s gonna go after her phone with my back turned so I throw her a strong look that tells her exactly what she needs to know ….. she starts laughing … “Ya you know fucking better lol.”

Her: haha I wasn’t gonna!

Me: My fucking ass you weren’t lol

... and we’re both laughing now.

Pour another drink and we drink a bit more then head to my room “because we’re tired.” I’m thinking this turkey is cooked – except this girl wraps herself around her entire blanket and basically blocks herself from getting escalated on as her boobs and face are completely wrapped around the blanket…. I make my way and start escalating on her pussy over her pants…. Then I move my hands over her ass and slide my fingers inside her pussy to find her wet.. to the point you’d think I had eaten her out for 10-15 min if you didn’t know any better – this is when I fucking truly realized – THIS GIRL LOVES the idea of me being persistent. This girl is intentionally setting up barriers for me to jump through them because she gets off at the idea of a high value man who will not be stopped by these “obstacles.” Shit tests, if you will. She wants a high value man who needs HER to quench his insatiable sexual thirst . . . and  once we got here the rest was over. This sexy lil kitten was cooked and I ravished that hot lil juicy kim kardashian ass with my cock.

Afterwards, unsolicited, she explained how she was annoyed that I “didn’t want her.” She had purposely fucking walked away to see just how “interested I was in her” last night. “I bet you miss out on a ton of opportunities because you won’t chase after her.” “I DM’d you Aequitas … do you think I’m the type of girl who has to DM a guy? I called you… do you think I have to call guys?” This wasn’t said from a place of ego, she was literally spitting FACTS to me. This girl was RIGHT. As if we didn’t need any more confirmation, a new wing of mine was with her at the night club afterwards and screenshotted a group text she was having with her friends. All the screenshot said was “I’m 5 minutes away from the D appointment.” She secretly wanted "me" (read: us) to win this entire time. 


In retro, I can see where I fell short here at so many different points, and I was actually quite fortunate that she liked me as much as she did. But I also pursued way harder than I normally had, so I am not beating myself up too much. She has fully ingrained in me that I need to pursue harder than I currently am right now.

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Ahhh shit very cool dude, you

Ahhh shit very cool dude, you never told me about her opening up about the persistence situation.

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Yeah this is fucking awesome

Yeah this is fucking awesome dude. AEQUITAS

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Nice bruh

Nice bruh


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