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She was giving me minor resistance all night. Would slip in conversation that she has work the next morning, she’s so tired she’s gotta go home after we smoke shisha, basically ignored most of those and kept vibing, the more I feed those ideas the more real they become in her head. Then when it came time to leave I use the old come chill out for 15 mins "I’ll show you  my DJ equipment", she says "we’ll see I AM really tired" and goes off to the washroom. Have a smoke outside, still vibing, get in my car and start driving home, showing her one of my favourite songs that I know all the lyrics to, I turn off the main street that would’ve taken us back to her car and she asks "where are we going?" I ignore it and keep doing karaoke to the song. There was no worry in her voice, our connection was so open and genuine she never once doubted my leadership or that I had her best interest at heart. Anything but taking her home at this point would’ve been a dishonor, had to do it. For God. For country.

Once it’s clear to her that we’re going to mine she gives one last cute attempt at trying to stop me. She tells me she’s not taking off her shoes, I look at her sternly and say, “yea. ya'are” in an obnoxiously funny tone of voice. she says NO, then I jokingly bicker with her telling her she’s being unreasonable and this is why I want a divorce. We pull up to mine and she keeps saying how she’s not gonna take her shoes off, I tell her a very gentle “shut up” with a smile then tell her to come. We keep riffing on the divorce/marriage frame and she asks if she gets to meet my parents now, and how excited she is.


I open the door and tell her to come inside, this bish doesn’t take her shoes off and starts walking into tha crib. Oh HELL NAW :/ I look at her and tell her how disrespectful that is, there is no way she’s walking on my hardwood with boots, I scoop her up and she screams haha and carry her all the way to my bed and drop her down. Go get my laptop so I can turn some music for us. I come back to my room and she’s singing RNB, beautiful voice. I start getting a playlist together so I can have mood music while I fuck her lmao. She’s looking up at my whiteboards and asking about the stuff written there. I lay down next to her talking to her about my dreams goals and aspirations…these are my whiteboards, very personal stuff that I don’t show many people. As I’m talking for about 2-3 mins I can see how bad she wants it, her eyes are literally pining for me to take her already, every second that passes is torture. Why do I enjoy teasing her like that haha. I go to make out and she’s literally kissing me like a rabid animal.


I yank her lil body up and put it on top of me, she’s grinding me so hard I don’t know how our jeans didn’t combust from the friction. I take off my shirt, I’ll do her the favor of turning her on even more with my abs of steel ;) she starts kissing me all over and then I go for her shirt, she gives me the cutest little protests of oh my god we shouldn’t and as soon as I ignore those they’re instantly followed up with a "Niv...why are you doing this to me" in such an intoxicated tone, she is at my whim, at my mercy, she wouldn’t have it any other way. I unbutton her shirt and see her perky little breasts hiding under her bra. I don’t take off her bra, I just lift it and suck on her nipple slowly and gently before putting it back down to cover her. A taste, a tease, foreshadowing her getting devoured by a beast. I am a lion and this little gazelle has stumbled into the den. She starts giving me more resistance saying how we can’t do this. I think to myself “are we still on this?” I press my body up against hers and put pressure on the length of her back as I feel her finally relax into submission. I stand up with her on top of me hold her, kiss her deep then drop her back down on the bed so that she’s under me. I hold her wrists down and start kissing her neck and she softly whimpers out an “oh my god” I let her hands free and she is clawing at my pants trying to get my cock out.

I look at her with a look of playful yet stern provocation. Rest my hand atop her head and ask her if she thinks she deserves it. She nods yes while desperately biting her lip while still holding onto my pants super tight. Lifting my weight off her body I stand towering over her as she kneels in front of me. She's ready to burst and doesn't know what to do with herself. So I oblige. As I pull him out in the moment following immediately after I use the hand I was resting so endearingly atop her head to push her down onto me. And she does an amazing job. 

She wants to please me. She's sucking me off and putting her heart and soul into it. I enjoy this wavelength she's on and start amplifying. Telling her what an amazing job she's doing, just how much ecstasy she is putting me in and instructing her on how to please me better and better. 

Then I tell to start begging for me to cum. This turns her on even more. She starts begging for it, telling me that she needs it and when it finally comes she doesn't waste a drop. Sucks me dry until I literally fall over.

We spent the rest of the night talking and cuddling. She was dying to have me inside of her but also on her period and I didn't feel like making a mess at this point in time. Instead while we we're cuddling I took the liberty of letting her know that she's going to be dreaming of me until next time.




Me: Hey cupcake, hope you got home safe Have fun at work :) talk soon

Her: Thanks again for tonight <3

Her: <3 have a good night love

Me: Glad you had fun ;)

Her: I cant stop thinking about you LOL FUCK.


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Is there supposed to be a

Is there supposed to be a first half to this, or something? Wtf. 


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