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Yo. So last night school had an event - had drink tix which is always tight since I get to hook up my friends, drink for free and maybe set some girls up. Took a shot with friends on me, generally having fun, being loud and obnoxious. Notice some girls who I've met before and they're asking for tickets. figure ill shoot the shit with one for a bit, chatting about nothing in particular, really. seems pretty on with one but it's a lil too early to commit.

Go have fun with my friends then notice this pretty fucking cute girl. I notice she's friends with a girl my roommate has fucked a few times. As an upper classmen now, ppl seek you out for advice, and since i have been fortunate with fantastic mentors i always try to pay it forward. So I enter their group of like 3-4 girls I forget, and one girl in particular who is married is asking me for advice about jobs etc. I keep it real w/her, just give her the low down, but sprinkle in charisma in there so it's not just SUPER serious and boring for the rest of the group. Everyone's just listening because I mean this is actually super important stuff. All my friends are coming in now and are giving me dabs, guys, girls whatever. I notice the girl who had a question (this is not the super cute girl) seems stressed out, so I was like yo, chill. Here's a couple drink tickets - wanna grab yourself and me a margarita. Yeah, I can be a basic ass dude and drink margaritas haha.

So now I start talking to the cute girl who had been kinda just sitting there, simply listening. She doesn't go to my program but is roommates with one girl who is and like i said earlier, that girl fucks my roommate here and there. So we're vibing, talking about life, drugs, partying, etc. I peel her off away from everyone to a couch to be a lil more intimate.

She just got out of a relationship like a month ago and is kinda bummed. I gave her some real input while still physically caressing her leg. We vibe, connect on some things. I am a vulgar dude naturally and sex comes up. Just talk about sex, our preferences etc, whatever. Her roommate comes up and acts like she "just decided" to go home with a boy and lets us know lol. At one point, my girl had declared to her roommate as well "I like Aequitas. He's awesome!" So she comes up and says "Can i trust you to take care of my roommate?" Lol. Sure. "Grab my number if that will make you feel more comfortable - call me right now." She goes off to get laid. 5-10 min later i tell her let's go to her place since the roommates lil sister is visiting and the whole reason for roommate coming over was for my girl to know to come home to keep an eye on the lil sis. Roll out.

Get to this girls place, smoke a bowl, shoot the shit with the lil sister, give the lil sister advice on some boy problems she is having haha. After like 30 min i'm like k, time to move this along otherwise i'm gonna spend the night talking to this fucking girl. "Lemme get a tour of your spot." Get the tour, when we get to her room, push her against the wall and make out. Slap her ass. "We can't, lil sister is gonna sleep in here. Lets put her to bed here." Ya, sure. "Good boy." I just smirk. Put on Dave Chappelle's new comedy on netflix, turn off lights, cuddle up w/my girl on the couch. Little girl gets the picture and leaves to "shower."

Head back to one of the rooms while girl is in the shower and basically it is fade to black. She was pretty good in bed, definitely want to keep her on the roster. 

Main good things I did: Be cool, persistent, understanding, had fun, assumed it was a done deal, but also wasn't hardline pressing for the close, just movings things towards where I wanted eventually. Biggest takeaway tho was not letting the lil sister fuck things up lol. 

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This was a gimme you should

This was a gimme you should be assuming these ones. Lol. Good job tho


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Wow broseph good shit

I like this a lot man. You really went for it. When you assume it act on those assumptions. Just following it throw like a swinging of a baseball bat or throw.

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Manwhore wrote: This was a

Manwhore wrote:
This was a gimme you should be assuming these ones. Lol. Good job tho

Oh yeah for sure. There was never a doubt in my mind with this one.