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Disclaimer: Never written a lay report before so this might be overly long. Also this is all due to Jon's training, I was literally focusing on all the shit he told me and things just unfolded. Pretty damn cool.

Matched this girl on tinder just before christmas and kept the interaction going over the holidays with the occasional funny check-in. Setup the date once we both got back to the city, and even though she was a complete control freak ("I need to know where we're going", "I have to know what we're doing" etc.) I got her to calm down by basically saying "chill out, I got this".

We meet at a bear near where I live. She's super cute and small, brown eyes and black hair. Great ass and perky boobs, 22 years old.

Because I'm a really chill and outgoing guy she's instantly at ease. Within 10 minutes she's talking about her dreams and aspirations, and how she feels disillusioned with her studies. Anyway, she's investing like crazy and I keep things interesting for me by teasing her about shit she says (like how boring her life is since she's always at school, or that she's never done anything illegal etc.).

Since she's opening up like there's no tomorrow I talk about my childhood as well to show that I'm a real dude, and I weave in some funny stories about growing up in remote rural town (tractor fights and shit). From there I move onto self-realization and Tolle and shit, and how I'm really into self improvement (meditation, rewarding hobbies and so forth). As I'm talking I can see her eyes get really big and she's hanging onto every word. I think I really got through to her on some of this as well, which is good because she was stressed out as fuck over school.

Throughout it all I remember Jon's words about pulling back about 30% of the time, and I keep a good rhythm of leaning in with lazer eye contact and then chilling back and letting her come to me. Fucking magic. Alohomora pussy, lol.

We finish our beers and I tell her we're going to another bar. We get out into the cold and I'm leading her by the arm all the way. She was heavily leaning into me the whole time, and I was debating whether or not I should just take her home there and then. I've been facing an LMR streak from Hell lately so I decide to play it safe.

When we get to the bar she buys the next round and I sit down next to her, look in her eyes and ask "you don't have a snus in there, do you?" pointing at her lips (snus is a big thing in Norway. It's powder tobacco you put under your lip to get nicotine, kinda disgusting). She laughs and says "no", so I say "good" and lean in for the makeout.

We vibe some more (me telling stories and teasing her for the most part, her talking about her childhood) and once the beers are empty I say: "okay, let's go to my place."

Now, this girl has been really aloof and controlling over text for a whole month, and there had been flashes of her old behaviour throughout the night. Those were quickly remedied by me laughing at her responses and teasing her though. Now she threw this one up:

Her: "Okay, what are we supposed to do there?"

I really wish I had said something funny here, like "we're going to fucking wrestle, that's what." "I've got this amazing new jigsaw puzzle and we're going to lay all 3000 pieces blindfolded", "I'm gonna harvest your organs" - or whatever. Anyway, Jon's training kicks in and I lock her eyes in mine and say with a silky-smooth voice: "I'm gonna make you the best gin & tonic you've ever tasted." (don't care if you think it's a gay drink, GTs are the shit)

She gives a smile and says "okay".

I lead her back home through the cold (fucking 9F out, jesus), put on some smooth lovin' tunes on the stereo and send a text to my brother that he has to clear the living room (I'm living with him). She sits down on the couch as I make the drinks, mixing in some cucumber and shit. It's a waste though since we only take one sip each before we're all over each other on the couch.

We make out some more, and I'm planning to go for Jon's car/couch makeout to blowjob transition, but before I can create the space she's literally all over me. So I figure "okay, guess that settles that", rip off her top and bra, kiss her breasts as I lift her up from the couch while she's straddling me and carry her over to the bedroom.

I throw her down on the bed, pull down my pants, grab her arm and place it on my junk. Then I pull her off the bed so she's on her knees and properly introduced to my magic wand. Afterwards we get back into bed and go at it like bunnies. I pass out at about 2AM. Woke up once in the middle of the night for another go.

Thanks, dad!

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Fuuuuck yeah!!!!  P.S. omg.

Fuuuuck yeah!!!! 

P.S. omg.


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