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I matched with this girl on Bumble and quickly set-up a date the following day. The first date was very casual, we both had to be somewhere 2hours later and the weather was cold. Fast-forward to 11PM that night....



Text conversation:


ME: Just got back

ME: You went for drinks?

HER:Hey! I'm still with my friend, he is almost done his shift.

ME: Cool :)

ME: Where are you?

She sends me a s/s of her location using google maps.

HER: And you?

ME: I had a diner with a friend, heading home now.

ME: Your night is ending or just beginning?

ME: An in-between would be the appropriate response here.

HER: In-between

HER: Exactly that

HER: You're scaring me

HER: There's no way you could have known

HER: Really..

ME: LOL stop with this scaring thing you're making me sound like a monster when I'm a goddamn angel

ME: ;)

ME: Ok here is what I want

HER: What do you want?

ME: We meet when your friend's shift is over

HER: He is already done

HER: But it's getting late

ME: I have no school tomorrow morning

HER: So?

HER:I understand


HER: I still want you to explain

ME: Ok then I'll explain


HER: Quickly

ME: "Late" is a relative word

ME: So

HER: Before I lose focus

ME: If I'm not getting up early

ME: "Late"'s definition changes

HER: Yes I think the same thing

HER: Like us last night

She is referring to us texting at 3AM, nothing worth sharing about that - this is purely for context

ME: And I want to see you again it was too cold this afternoon

HER: What do you want to do?

At this point I commit to doing everything I can to fuck this girl that night. I don't care if I'm tired, this is happening.

ME: We watch a series and eat ramen noodles

HER: I've had a few drinks

HER: haha...


HER: Which series?

I give her some options, we discuss them briefly.

HER: You live on the way to my place right?

ME: Send my address

ME: Your bus brings you directly to mine

HER: But it's getting late, how will I get home after?

ME: There's a bus stop, otherwise I'll take care of Uber

HER: And I don't want to sleep over at yours

HER: We don't know each other enough

HER: Yeah okay taxi worst case

HER: But it's for my family also

HER: I don't want to go home at 4AM

HER: I can't do that

ME: Go home at 3 lol, that's when the night clubs close

HER: I'm not hungry but I'm in a good mood

HER: Okay you're right let me think

ME: Your honor I see no reason why [girl's name] should not hangout and eat ramen tonight. The evidence all points towards it being extremely fun.

ME: I rest my case.

ME: Gawd bless America

She studies law lol.

HER: I'm already with a friend, so fun is everywhere I am

HER: I can be annoying

ME: Its sexy

HER: I won't change for anyone or anything

HER: But doors are always open for me

This self-validation pattern repeated itself several times that night

ME: Of course they are, it's whats behind the door that counts ;)

HER: I think I like you but not enough to move from my chair so quickly

ME: You want me to come kidnap you?

ME: That can be arranged...

ME: Ok all right

ME: When do you think you'll be done

ME: Realistically

HER: Whenever I want

HER: But I don't really want to go to your place it's too new for me

HER: I've never done that

HER: If you know me well enough

HER: You understand my position

ME: Yes

HER: It's just the principle...

ME: Okay let's go grab a drink

HER: Where?

Give her an address of a bar a block away from mine

HER: Okay let me check

HER: I hope I won't have as much trouble as last time

She is referrencing getting lost on the way to our first date. Wealthy girls often don't know how to use public transit it's hilarious.

ME: haha

ME: It's the same bus :P

At this point I'm thinking she needs a tiny bit of reassurance that I'll take care of anything if need be:

ME: Whatever happens I will handle it - you know me enough to have that certitude

(might seem a little wonky but this is grammatically legit in French.)

HER: Ok I'll be there at 2AM.



We meetup at the bar and I pick a seat somewhere more quiet. She's tipsy but not drunk.


She has a very funny way of talking. She will start a sentence and then mumble the end, or simply stop in mid-thought and switch to something else. I decided it was best not to try to follow her logically and would make jokes or tell her I couldn't hear her when she spoke like a child. She gave me a lot of shit, or perhaps more precisely, more shit than I'm used to.


She would tell me about how she doesn't usually go for guys like me, or that I'm lucky to have her come out, or that she isn't usually so quick to become familiar. I responded to all of these by either smiling or saying sure that's cool.

Physically I'm touching her thighs and her knees all night long, shifting her around, shaking her when she talks too much. I don't talk as much as I did on our first date earlier that day; I mostly listen while physically escalating.


She's trying to take control with words and I let her play her game but as soon as she gets too excited I shake her or smile and laugh at her, telling her whatever she's saying is total nonsense. I drink out of her water glass, confiscate her glasses.


She gives me more shit, even teasing me when I stuttered at one point. I was genuinely amused; I haven't been teased about it since high school. She's testing to see if I'm worth her going home with me, I respect her for doing it.


I stand up and pull her up to do the same. We go in the back of the bar and I pin her against the wall, turn her around, pull her hair, grab her ass. The first time I grab her ass she takes my hand off, telling me I'm assuming too much. I tell her her ass fits perfectly in my hand. I put my hand on it again and she ignores it and continues talking about the photos we were looking at.


We go back to our table and she talks about herself and her family more. It's almost 3AM and the bartender is coming to our table to tell us it's closing time. She stops him before he can speak, asking him for cigarettes, and thanking him warmly. I recognize what she did.

-That was socially competent

-I didn't think you'd notice

­I tell her I'm going to have to punish her for being so confrontational with someone as nice as me.


We go outside so she can smoke 1 of her cigarettes, go back inside and get our coats.


We walk out and I grab her by the elbow, pull her in close, and start walking towards my house. She doesn't ask where we're going.


We walk through my apartment building's front door, all the way to my floor. We're in front of my door.

HER: I've never been here have I?

ME: No...we only passed in front of my building this afternoon.

HER: Okay I thought you had said I'd been here before.

ME: No, just in front.

I open the door and pull her in. I added the dialogue because I'm not exactly sure what was going on. I got a little confused in that short instance.


We walk in, give her a quick tour, and we're on my bed. I put on some ambient lighting, she keeps talking about stuff. I'm trying to listen and follow her thoughts but it's giving me a headache. I decide it's time to get things moving towards being inside of her.


As she's talking I hit her on the face with a pillow, tell her she's talking too much again and giving me headaches. She's annoyed yet excited, the balanced mix between the two. She grabs the other pillow and starts trying to hit me in return. I grab her hands and wrestle her into submission. It was fucking hot I had an erection instantaneously and I'm starting to grab her neck and pin her down so she can't move. We makeout, she's a terrible kisser :/ this has happened twice in a row we need to invest in kissing workshops. I turn her around and start taking her clothes off.


She says we're going too fast and I let her go, give her a little break. She says she needs to smoke her 2nd cigarette so I take her up on my roof so she can get her nicotine fix. Maybe she was a little nervous and wanted to calm herself down.


We go back inside and she gets into her leggings and bra and says we should go to bed. I take off her leggings saying my sheets will be dirty if I don't. We're both in our underwear and I hit her with a pillow again. Same thing as the first time except now she's moaning a little more, breathing a little harder, and wrestling with more vigor.  I grab her and lift her up. I walk with her in my arms to the corner of my room and softly deposit her on the floor. I put her hand on my dick. She strokes me gently saying she doesn't know if we should go this far on the first night. After touching it for a few seconds she takes her hand away.


I firmly grab her, usher her onto her knees and tell her she's speaking nonsense again. I grab her head and put my dick in her mouth. She gives head better than she kisses, go figure.


After a short period of time I'm about to cum so I lift her up and bend her over my bed. I pull her panties down and she gasps a little. I put her hand on my dick and tell her to guide me in. I penetrate her but she's clearly feeling pain so I stop and ask if she's all right. She says she's nervous and tired and that we should do it next time.


We lie back down, she gives me head until I come and we go to bed at 6AM with an 8AM alarm.


She sends me a text later that day telling me I put her under a spell lol. I told her it was all her fault and now I'm tired because of her so she better be nice to me next time.

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She's a beaut. Well

She's a beaut. Well done



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