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First thing is first: TAKE MANWHORE'S TRAINING. If you do not take the fucking training, you're legitimately holding yourself back in ways you will never understand. 

I'm doing epic shit now, EACH of which deserves it's OWN write up. This is from last saturday from a girl I had been texting with on hinge.

Roll out again with wings. Hit up Oddfellows and man I'm in a great mood because I had met a commercial real estate broker while in an uber. Cool dude and him and I shot the shit about expanding where I work into different locations. He shot me an email and stuff and hopefully he can send some locations my way so I can give them to my boss. Super amped.

Preface with this girl: We had matched on hinge dating app while I was in LA (she lives in huntington beach), spoke on the phone 2x and had one FaceTime.  She had told me how she was going to visit vegas for one night 12/9 - 12/10. So we had been texting a bit, wings didn't wanna go to Jewel to back me up with 7 girls :( told her I'd see her once the clock struck midnight because saturday's are for the boys lol. Anyway, I kinda lag it and she had been pretty good about texting up until 1am. I said "I'm en route." but actually fucking lag bad. She's no longer responding as I'm en route. 

Me: My bad hun. You still @ jewel? (12:51 am)
Her: Yes I am 
Her: Lil Jon just started (1:02 am)
Me: K hun i'mma head your way
Me: Gimme a bit (1:05 am)
Her: Okay (1:15 am)
Uber driver fucking canceled on me after lagging for 20+ min. Had to order a new one. So annoying. 
Me: Hit traffic, construction. Be there in 15. (2:15 am)
Me: Oi in line at jewel where you at (2:25 am)
Because she had become way less responsive i just assumed she was now with a guy. I kept telling myself FUCK THAT, you are going in and taking control of the situation. Go in. Look for her -- I know she was at a table so I just assume she'll still be at a table. Ask bouncer to help explain the table layouts but all this dude is trying to do is sell bottles to me. NO man, I don't care about your bottles, I already have a friend who is in one. Dude wastes a few more minutes of my time and is basically intentionally not helpful so i just matter a fact tell him "Look man, I already told you that I don't want a bottle and you aren't explaining to me the layout of where all the tables are. You aren't helping whatsoever. Have a good night bud." 
Just walk - hit dance floor to see if she's on the tables.... i see her, she's grinding with some dude while on top of a couch. With fucking my strongest projection that has warmth and positivity "HEEEEEEEEEY Kellie!!!" and i fucking point at her. I then walk up closer to the rope and I'm like c'mere girl. She comes over, she's sooooooo happy to see me. I'm trying not to touch her a lot because I may be able to pull her away from the table and may need to get in the table first to build momentum. So i tell her to tell the guy she was dancing with to let me into their table lol. She does and he lets me in.
.... Little does he know I'm a fucking wolf in sheep's clothing. Soon as I'm in we're just alllllllll over each other lol, but no making out just yet. It's starting to cause a fucking circus because the guy is just staring, pissed as all shit. I make friends with the guy immediately to my left, but there was no way I was going to walk across the table to go sort this out with the guy. Fuck that. I make friends with some of her girlfriends too. I see the ripples my actions are causing and the guy is visibly now upset and the storm is coming. He's going to try to kick me out lol. "Yo, let's go grab a drink real quick so your girls can still have fun." Because bday girl was like "Kellie you're being selfish plz don't mess the night up for us." Implying they would get kicked out of the table because of my girl's actions lol. Little bish. So she grabs her shoes which are right next to the guy's, puts them on, and leaves with me to grab a drink. 
Her: "I'm not leaving without my friends from the club!"  (< said VERY sternly!) 
Me: Haha of course hun we're just gonna be right here.
Drink drink. Vibe some more. Make out. Move her around to dance floor again.
Her: i wanna see how my friends are. 
Me: Hun I can see them they're still there.
Her: I can't get separated I don't have a key!
Vibe for a bit more about other stuff and i'm just like:
Me: You should grab your room key justttttt in case you get split up.
HeR: I'm not leaving home with you!
Me: I know i said just in case you get split from them you lil weirdo lol. 
Her: You're right. Okay.
Go back to the table, she grabs a key from one of her friends. The guy I took her from tries to come back in and talk to her and without even letting him get much more than a few words i cut in -- "HEY WHAT'S UP DUDE" he just slinks away on the spot lol. Like there was no way I was going to let this guy address this girl and gain any momentum. Not tonight buddy! 
Once she got the key she tells me in my ear.
Her: I'm on my period.
Me: I don't care hun lol. *Move topics IMMEDIATELY*
Move her back to the bar. Have another drink.
Me: "Let's go gamble." 
Her: Okay but i'm NOT going home with you.
Me: Yea obviously hun, let's go. 
She's getting second guesses as we're leaving the club.
Her: I don't wanna gamble! We can have a drink tho!
Me: Hun they give free drinks while gambling lol it's a 2 for 1.
Play craps for a hot 7-8 min.
"K let's get outta here. I'll grab an uber."
Hop in the uber and she doesn't ask where we're going until were literally turning into my place. "lol we're at my place dork." "oh ok."
The rest is history and we had some pretty hot sex. She forgot her earrings in the morning so I ubered to her hotel and gave them to her. 

Some key take aways that I think are worth noting: 

1)  We were talking after we banged and she mentioned "I cannot believe you just took me from that guy on the table!" ... and without missing a fucking beat I told her "Huh? Of COURSE I would. You're fucking beautiful - i'd fucking hop over those tables for you lol." Mind you this is all said in a super high value way where it's like yeah girl, i'm obviously gonna move fucking mountains for you. Why the fuck wouldn't I? She was SO smitten from this. She just nuzzled up into my arms, completely at ease and happy in the moment. Be fucking relenetlessly PERSISTENT

2) In some situations you do NOT have to be mr. happy win everyone over. I don't think this is ideal. I think ideally you want to try winning everyone over but sometimes you just have to burn the fucking house down. I tried my best to win them over but it wasn't happening. Recognize it and understand it's okay and some situations will simply call for it. 

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big dawg came out to

big dawg came out to play...WOOF WOOF

​good shit homie, absolutely amazing.


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This is the litmus test for

This is the litmus test for being on top of your shit. 

​The girl won't give you anything ​to go off of other than your own intuition. Be ready to opperate in a vaccum and remain totally icy, cool and non-reactive even when she's being just as icy right up until you're inside of her...but goddamn is it worth it.

​I know I've fucked up too many instances of this nature. This is a great demonstration of ​HARD ​pursuing from a place of intrinsic power 


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Good fucking work brother

Good fucking work brother


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