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Yo mofuggas. What's gucci?


Hit a popular strip club here after the club. I was feeling good, carefree, relaxed and happy. Make eye contact with this cute hawaiian stripper - roll over to her. We're vibing, joking around -- I start saying how she's gonna be my friend here 'cuz i don't have female friends and it's the first time in my life blah blah blah. "Yea! But we can't fuck!" "Who said anything about sex lol" The vibe sounds overtly platonic, but the touch, our vibe, etc is completely the opposite. I'm with her and her gf right there and we're all vibing. Eventually I go get us some drinks and she's grinding against me at the main bar, my hands pressing on her trap area while i press her against the bar haha. Things are clearly naughty even tho we're "friends." 

So we go sit down and her gf who's been with us asks if I want a dance. My girl interrupts "It's not like that Roxy. We're just hanging out."

She apologizes for her friend after Roxy walks away. Roxy had been pretty sassy with me the entire night, but I had been chill, sometimes dishing it back when I felt it was appropriate as well. "She just hasn't made money today so she's a little extra." S'all good buhbee, i'm sure she's a nice girl. 

Try to pull but nada so i just grab the number.


So she texts me at 9am which is obviously a booty call for strippers. We text a bit and she's telling me to show her my dick. I'm at work so I close my door 'cuz i'm thinking a hot lil cyber session is about to erupt. She face times me immediately after. I pick up and she's being loud so I lower volume and she shows me her tits, then shows me Roxy so I say hi to her. She wants to hang out. Fuck.... do I dare? Fuck it I'm working from home. Pack my shit up and go grab her. I'm pretty nervous - i hadn't meditated, so I pop some fuckin' tolle on while i'm zipping past the 15 south then onto the 93 towards the west side of town. I need to chill the fuck out and center myself if I'm going to swing this. 

Pick her up and give her a kiss on the cheek immediately. I'm starting things off poorly considering where her and I were at already (i.e. sexting) In other words, I was 4th and goal and I set myself back 30 yards by being so chill lol. It's okay, I make a note of this and just trust myself that I'll get things back on track. The pull is happening. I smile. I settle in and just get into a flow, my hand/arm resting on her thigh. 

We get to my place, i have one drink and make her one too. I'm starting to escalate but it's pretty weak at first. I smile. I gotta step it up and I do. I casually take her titties out a few times then pull her shirt back up lol. Then I casually take my dick out and put it away after a few seconds of her looking at it. Then we're cuddling for a bit on my couch and i am playing with her titties and i just take my dick out again and leave it out. She plays with it for a bit and sucks it for a minute or so and I cum a bit too quick -- it's been a bit. No biggie. Clean up and then she face times roxy while i'm in the restroom. She starts telling Roxy how she just sucked my dick for a bit. "Roxy, should I suck his dick?" Roxy: Hell yeah! Let me watch too! 

So yeah, you don't need to tell me twice. I grab the phone from my girl's hand and I put my girl on her knees as she sucks my dick and her super hot gf watches. Roxy is egging her on, telling my girl how to suck my dick. Roxy is clearly super turned on and is obviously playing with herself while watching, just not showing us. She's kinda not really even realizing it but Roxy takes her tits out at one point lol. My girl wants to fuck immediately and is like yeah we gotta fuck - so we do and i'm hitting it in this awesome angle where she's riding me, but not facing or reverse, but side-ways, and her pussy is facing the camera all while Roxy is watching and enjoying the show. Legit it was super fuckin' hot. 

I tried getting Roxy over too mid-way through 'cuz she's like "Fuck I'm so wet." But she had to take care of her kids :( 

I know where I fell short generally and where I can improve upon but all in all this was a pretty fuckin' awesome experience. 

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Nice. But yeah you know what

Nice. But yeah you know what to do. 

You sloooow, boooii!


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