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I've mostly been relying on online dating these days but there's nothing more fun than the thrill of the night and I forgot that.

Still, my story starts on tinder with this girl who took about a month to get out. Note, I didn't put that much effort in (we prob exchanged 5-6 msgs each tops), but she just took forever to reply on the app. Eventually I just left my number (as I often do) after I suggested a date spot. Took her several days to finally hit me up over text but we finally met earlier this week. The best thing I did over text was pretend like I wasn't sure who she was for a little.

Long story short, she was much more aloof than expected. And not the kind of aloof that comes from confidence either. She was one of those LA girls that's actually pretty introverted. Still pretty cute, but I knew I was in for it when she held out her hand for me to shake it. (I of course called her silly and went in for a hug). I still go through the motions of trying to get her to come back to mine but she says she has to be up early. I think I'll be able to get her out again but it'll prob take a date or two more to close.

I go home, eat a burger and consider just jerking off and call it a night. But then I get a call from my homie saying he's out on a weeknight with some girl. I'd be third wheel but whatever. I arrive about 30 minutes later and use my boy's girl to pump my state. I tell her my tinder tale and actually think she's kind of attracted. I soon branch off and open a few girls here and there but nothing's really sticking yet. Finally, I decide to use my to move: the bathroom line. Seriously. I've probably done my most damage on bathroom lines because the girl can't really go anywhere. You chat and then find her later.

First time I hit the line I have a solid convo with this girl from down under. As it turns out there are a lot of them in town for a big music festival in the desert. I hit the line again a second time and open a two set based on the fact that we're wearing similar hats. First I'm talking to one girl but then shift my attention to the other. I go to the bathroom and when I come out I linger a bit. The line has gotten quiet so that corner of the bar has now become a great isolation spot. Find the girl and really ramp things up. I can tell she wants to make out but I tell her "not so fast missy." Tease her a bit more before finally going in. Do this a few times and I think I went too far with the teasing so I softened a little. We exchange numbers and I get logistics. She's around for another night before going to the festival. In the past I would've said sure let's hang tomorrow but now I know that should only be last resort.

I then walk her over to the bar where I introduce her to my homie and his girl. My boy's always down for shots but I'm not really feeling it. When my girl declines first I take that as a sign that she's ready to be pulled. I tell her we're going to have an afterparty and that she should come. She was a bit hestiant but I told her it was only 10 minutes away. Change the subject a little and then say I'm prob gonna Uber back to mine because I was tired and that she should walk me out. My only goal at this point was to get her out of the venue. If I could do that I was confident that she would come back.

We make it outside but my uber pool is taking forever (yes I should've called an uberx but I'm cheap haha). I then cancel the pool and order an uberx. In the meantime she's communicating that she's down to come but that she has to go tell a friend. I say just text her and she's pretty adament about it. I'm sure that this is a serious condition so I hear her and we go back inside. I'm a bit worried about missing the uber because the phone I use for the app is different from my #. I'm just hoping that the uber doesn't drive off. She brings me by a new friend, who shakes my hand. They whisper a few things and that's that.

Uber ride back was longer than expected because the driver took surface streets instead of the highway. Prob a 20 minute ride but I just keep the convo going. Handholding but no making out or anything. Just a fun back and forth. Make it back, put on spotify and the rest is history. 

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Greet your tinder dates with

Greet your tinder dates with a kiss on the cheek  it sets the right vibe and I consider it mandatory nowadays lol

Good work on the night game brotha! Can you share some more details in terms of sexual escalation a lot of us benefit from hearing about that :)

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Is handholding "sexy" to you?

Is handholding "sexy" to you? Why'd you do that? 


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