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i love it when i see younger girls going after what they want instead of waiting around like an old fashioned fuck-wit, and also keeping their dating options open by seeing multiple people. too many of them are after the fairytale story about finding their one true soul mate. this chick (24) has her head screwed on, even tells me about other tinder dates and a guy she's kind of seeing. good for her! I always tell my pulls, dates, fwbs and flings to put themselves out there more and to be more aggressive. slut it up, ladies - life's short, don't spend it pretending you're not freaky. ;)


anyway, this whole date comes kind've pre-cooked, obviously. she just needed me to handle escalation and isolation. it's another short and sweet LR. Short as in the report length and her height, sweet as in that's her nature and how her vagina tasted. 



Her: Hi :) getting up to anything exciting this weekend? (looking pretty good for a 111 year old btw haha).

my age on my profile.

Next day

Me: Why thankyou. i only ingest the tears of my enemies. it keeps me young ;P

Me: i'm working my lilly butt off this weekend. those supervillains won't defeat themselves

Me: I'm looking for a cute girl who looks great in tights to be my side kick. think you can handle the job? ;)

Her: helping out a pretty lady kick some butt, i think i can manage that ;P what do you do for work exactly? :)

Me: good. i will be putting those legs to work ;)

me: doin sales n catering stuff at the moment. still jumping through hoops to get into the army. green is my colour ya know ;)

me: what about you? studying? teaching orphans? *halo emjoi*

next day

Her: well you look great in uniform from your pic n_n. at the moment i work in IT policy (just a public servant haha). definatley done with studing for a little while!! also, i have lost my voice atm but when i'm not sick i would love to meet you. do you work every weekend usually?

Her: my numver is 6969696969bangbang

usually it's me making us swtich to text lol



Me: is this the powerpuff girl hotline??!!

Me: some cutie gave me her number over tinder. she might be a spy

Me: no i dont work all weekend usually lol. just saturgays

Me: since youre a public servant i kinda assume you spend sungay evening crying at the pub. monday is always the hardest. i gotchu bubby, it's ok.

her: [custom powerpuff girl pic]

Her: haha nah my job is alright... if i told you any more i'd have to kill you ;P But seeing you on a sunday would still be a huge bonus n_n have you seen beauty and the beast yet?

Her: also your name on tinder, shikorahsaurus, i'm imagining it's a mix of shikorah and t-rex? :)

next day

Me: my real name is t-rex, but i go by shikorah to seem cool

Me: i dont know about you trying to kill me. I'm highly trained and can wrestle you to the ground in an instant.

Me: what are you up to frigay night, kitten

Me: FYI im a bit touchy about my whole fambly being extinct so dont ask me any dinosaur questions when i see you

Her: ah that would make sense given your age. I'm sure T-Rex was a common name back in your time. Well you're assuming I'd be honourable enough and take you on face to face in combat. There's always poison, snipers, or the classic: poison-snipers. hahahaha. Hmm fridayyy. Assuming I survive and am better I'll be meeting up with you *wink kiss emoki*

Me: well girl will be patting you down for weapons when i get my hands on you. i have a duty to protect the public too.

Me: 8pm work for you?

Me: I'm going to destroy you at games at [games and cocktail bar] *arm flex emjoi* so prepare for spanks

Me: and hankies if you're still sick, bubby

a day passes without response. i wonder if she doesn't know anything about the venue i mentioned and if that's stalled her. either that or she's busy.

me: [random funny meme]

next day

Her: hey lovely lady, sorry i hadn't messaged back. just been caught up with things n_n Yes 8pm is cool x

her: [sends pic of a puppy dressed as a stegasarus facing off with a t-rex toy]

next day

Me: is that your poison sniper armed savage dog headed stegsaurus that youll be riding into battle on. dang.

Me: i'll have to sharpen my t-rex teeth. they nibble through everything.

Me: i'm eating banana bread right now without you. yeah... get jealous.

Her: awwww, is it taosted banana bread?

Me: so toasted. so goooood.

Her: definitely jealous now haha So we're meeting at [venue i mentioned]... what games are you into ;)

and that i miss that sexual bait because i'm dumb, apparently. lol

Me: ill warn you you now that im pretty annoying at fighting games

Me: what about you? human landmine chess? ;p

me: i gotta get back to work. talk to ya in a bitty 

Her: annoying because you don't let anyone else win ;) haha im more of an RPG, openworld sorta gal. i tend to squeal when a game gets intense hahaha. PArticularly anything PvP. i'm told it's highly entertaining. Human landmine chess *crying laughing emoji*

Me: i try to let people win but they don't want it enough.

Me: you're winning me over with that squealing thing. it's cute.

Me: i hope you make mean pancakes too

sprinkling a bit of daddyjihad glittermagic

Her: if you're lucky you'll find out ;) I just saw Beauty and the Beast. I love Emma Watson so much! I was worried she wouldn't be the right Belle but she so was *heart* Hope I didn't wake you :) excited to see you tomorrow n_n

I really could have used teh belle/beast fantasy in my texting more. funnily enough, i was using it in a different conversation with another girl because she shortens her full name to bel. realised it would have been well placed with this little disney munchkin too.

next day

Me: haha good. that movie had the potential to ruin a lot of peoples childhoods if it was bad lol.

Me: make sure you're in your belle costume tonight, so i know who to kidnap and take back to the castle

me: ;P

me: you better be warming up your gamer thumbs

Me: [pic of thumb with tiny dumbbells] i have tiny thumb bells

Her: hehehehe n_n well I've sure been doing plently of typing so far today! go easy on my though ;P

Me: hahaha yeah i gotchu bubby

Her: heya still good for 8 or wanna meet up a bit earlier? x

Me: yeah 8 is kewl, just got home

Me: im drenched in awesome

Me: it'll take ages to scrub off in the shower

Her: don't have too much fun without me xP

Me: mmmm so good. didn't get to all those tight spots in my back though. dunno if you and rubber ducky are up for teh challenge ;P

me: on my way my pritty

Her: see you soon n_n

Me: beast just parked. wouldve sooner but the sidewalk was occupies

Her: no prob. i'll be practising :P


I get to the venue and there are a few women  with long blonde hair there so i don't know which one she is. I call her. I forget what I say, i make a joke i think. She gets up from where she was already playing a game next to/with random dudes. she had a drink, i walk to her, pull her in for a cuddle and a kiss on the corner of her lips. She's such a blue eyed cutie. wow. She looks like a doll. She extremely receptive to all touching and leading, as if we're already sleeping together. We're at the her seat and I say something about her going on easy on all the guys playing, talk to her tease her a bit by playfully accusing her of something. Anyways, I kinda own the whole group in a way that makes everyone there sploosh all over the floor and then lead her away to another area to play something else. Take her to the fighting games, we have a lot of fun, and i kick her butt soooo haaaarrrd. don't remember too much of what happened, just lots of rapport, touching, teasing, and I throw sexual stuff in there and it's steadily escalates. We laugh a lot, im full of energy and make the whole thing pretty hysterical. I take her over to play something else. we have a very intimate close space around us, the stools she's on is in between my spread knees, i have one foot on her the lower bar of her stool, heaps of touching, i pull her in a lot, rub her back, put my hand over her eyes and pull her face in so she can't see that game she's playing. she does some cute things like putting her hands on my mine as i use the controllers. i grab her stool and wrench it in closer to me. a couple of dudes come in on our games, one asked to join and another was hovering behind us, so i got him to join. they're super nerdy and awkward (which is cool n all), but with every word out of their mouths they're pretty much cockblocking themselves. I'm in control of the group, and she's got my back every time. the two guys leave at some point and I pull my girl in for a make-out. I notice she's got this round, posh little mouth. I use a lot of variety when I kiss, slight tongue, lick her lips a bit to tease, lightly bite her bottom lip, flick her tongue. I don't kiss, I claim and fuck her mouth with mine. She wanted this a lot sooner. She was ready to be taken home before I'd gotten to the venue. The whole date, she's in wait, like a deer that's already been brought to the ground, it awaits the first bite. She's also been scanning my logistic over the night, asking me about where i live, where i parked and bringing it up a few times. i should have ended this sooner, i was having fun with the video games while she's more wondering about when i'll be taking her home lol. i lead her out of the venue, my arm tight around her shoulders, we walk around, i push her up against walls and or into me for make out with her, nibble and kiss her neck, squeezing her butt and lifting her up. I take her into a place to buy coffee (because i'm an addict n shit). she buys some nuggets even though she's gagging to get naked. Then I we walk to the car, my leadership is very tight, so is my arm around her shoulders. while we've stopped at the intersection, waiting for the cars to pass I make jokes about using her as a human shield by picking her up and throwing her at danger. I hold her tight from behind, casually cup her breasts, and say something about getting warm. i dont really remember, my auditiory memory sucks. we get to the car, i push her against the car for more making out, then tell her with casual authority,  "get in the car". She giggles and jumps in. We talk the whole way home, she's so fucking cute. when we get inside, she tells me she feels like a virign again, and i strip that little angel naked and she's succumbs to sin on her knees with her face pressed into the mattress., and a lot of other ways too. It's like she's already got my number, knowing full well that i'm going to dominate and devour her, telling me not to leave marks on her. She only ended up with some on her booty ;). She says to me at some point "you're very assertive and dominant". why thankyou. It comes across that she kinda want a bit more datey-ness than just a night playing video games then fucking, so i take her out to breakfast the next morning then drop her back her at car. awesome vibes the whole way. i could sense her being a bit uncomfortable the morning after but i think that's just because she wasn't sure what was happening or what to do because i was still in and out of sleep so there was a gap in my leadership, but i fixed once we were out and about under my direction and purpose, and she was fine again.

And you know what, why go waste a few hours watching beauty and the beast when you can be living the R rated version?!




Review of Manwhore's skype coaching:

Sun Tzu — 'Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win'

Marcus Aurelius - "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Angelina Jolie -- "She asked if I wanted to play a Bond girl. I said, ‘No, I’m not comfortable with that… but I would like to play Bond’.”

Why is that when a man sleeps with a women, he's called a player. But, when a woman does it, she's called a lesbian?!

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SEXY SEXY!!!I liked the


I liked the texting a lot. She seemed like lots of fun and you definitely brought the best out of her :P

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Shikorah wrote: "I don't

Shikorah wrote:
"I don't kiss, I claim and fuck her mouth with mine.

Love this.

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This is spicy shiki - You

This is spicy shiki - You sexy

Except when you send your ninjas down to fuck with me.

I wasn't ready then but I am now. Send your best. They're no match for me.

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NOOICE! Hahaha!  Sexy.  Yo

NOOICE! Hahaha! 


Yo post this to the FB group please Shikkie Licky.


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