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Maddy - 21 y/o party tinderella girl - text thread and LR

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me: you are such a babe

me: I want to meet you

me: so long as your not a loud chewer or something, I couldn't handle that ; ) 

her: thanks love : ) and I haven't had any complaints as of yet on my chewing so I think you can handle me

me: honestly, I am incredibly infatuated with the way your face looks *drool*

me: very cute freckles *kiss*

me: haha okay thats good, now I know I can take you out for ice cream without all the slurping 

her: thank you : ) 

her: not too bad yourself

her: how had your morning been?

me: <3

me: its good, pretty relaxing actually after a really crazy stressful start to the week

me: but I went for drinks last night with a friend so that was the start to something better, slept in this morning and back to regular programming now

me: how about yourself, what are you up to

her: i had some drinks last night as well and got to sleep in too, heading to work soon

her: desperate for a coffee

me: same, i'm just sipping on my first now

me: where do you work babe

her: I work retail in ****district

her: is that your dog in your photo

me: nice

me: or maybe terrible ahah

me: that's pablo yeah

me: that could be us but you're working (me and pablo are snuggling in the pic)

her: so precious

her: what's his breed

me: he is a bit of a mutt

me: he lives with my old roomate now tho, I just get to see him on the wknds

me: if i asked you out after your done work today what would you say ... 

her: aw im going out with my friends after I finish today :(( but maybe sometime this wknd?

me: *ralph wiggum's heartbreaking gif*

me: nooooo :(

me: I guess. definitely maybe this wknd

me: text me your number, got some questions for you and im losing wifi

her: hi love, its maddy : ) 

me: hi baby

me: did you get all wet (mass text sent out after a thunderstorm hehehe, got some interesting replies)

few hours later me: haha it thunderstormed like crazy here, have fun tnight where you girlies going

next day me: Good morning gorgeous

her: hiii hunni

me: how are you baby boo

me: are you working again this aft

her: yes sir, working all day : ) 

her: im pretty good, just really tired

her: how are you

me: you poor lil thing <3 hard at work like a good girl *kiss* 

me: im good, finishing stuff up I should be free early this afternoon : ) 

me: what plans do you have this wknd, I want to see you

her: I have a party tmrw and working all day sunday

me: so maybe I can come grab you tnight, when do you finish work

me: i know your tired but we can do something chill

her: I finish at 7 but I'll have to see

her: my friend is throwing a party apparently and needs me for something

me: pffff they will be fine ;p okay muffin, I have a dinner then supposed to go out after but i don't feel like a crazy night

me: so maybe later if it works out we can hang

her: for sure love : ) 

me: <3

me: where is your friends party.. do you live near your work or east end?

me: im curious where you're from

her: ive grown up mainly..... blah blah.. but im moving this wednesday to... 

her: my friend is near .....

me: cool, i used to be five mins from there

me: i just finished work : ) such a relief, I got some good news today too. going to fix something on my car and relax for a bit

her: can i ask what your good news is? and ill keep you posted when im finsihed tonight and maybe get to see you : ) 

me: of course baby, i'll tell you later tho. its a long story and im driving

her: : ) 

five mins later her: that made me horny for some reason

me: you are so cute lol

me: well you made me kind of hard so there

her: *video of her showing off some lingere*

me: are you wearing that for me tnight

me: such a nice lil booty omg

me: in going to crash

her: i can wear it for you

her: haha i don't want you to crash

her: stay safe

her: *another sexy video*

me: simply amazing, its so perfect on you

me: yes be a good girl and wear that tongiht, thats a really good idea baby

me: something cute on top thats not too hard to get off, mmm like jean shorts or a cute dress

me: im so horny for you now, my goodness girl

her: *heart eyes*

her: okay babe

later on... me: pic of me chilling with a doggo

me: shhh hes sleeping

her: ill try to be quiet

me: you can come cuddle under my other arm babe

her: *sexy vid*

me: omg that needs a lil spanking

her: i have some bruises in this video from just that

me: run my hands up and down your body, feelin up your waist, hips, squeeze that gorgeous ass before pulling it against me by your hips

me: you like it rough, eh

me: *pic of me*

her: *heart eyes*

her: im gonna grind my ass on your fucking hard cock

her: ill be dripping

her: what are you doing babe

her: sexy photo

me: im coming to find you obvy, i need to see how wet you are

me: where are you at now baby

me: at your friends party yet

me: *pic* come sit on my lap baby girl

her: I will baby

her: I am so horny

her: cant wait for you to taste me and feel how wet i am

me: im going to take good care of you

her: please

me: pin your arms behind your back and use them to hold you tight against me while you grind into my cock

her: i wanna choke on you

**mostly logisitical stuff from here on out, turns out she lives with her ex-bf and has been couch surfing the past bit and my place is way too far. I have a friends place I could take her too, but that is far from ideal and we can't really crash there. Otherwise I was planning on taking her to some dive bar and then back to my car.**

Soo she said she was just helping at friend with her party, sounded like I could pick her up somewhat early and we would spend a romantic evening together. I end up grabbing her after everything is closed down because she was having fun. Okay, cool. But after all this, when I put it together I was kind of pissed at her because she didn't tell me they went out and it kind of made no sense logistically when I was picking her up. Derp.... 

I find her on the street, give her a big smile, pull her in for a nice hug and sensually and slowly kiss her cheek before pulling back a bit. Its hot. I grab her hand and we start walking a bit but then I pull away when we start chatting about her night. When we get close to my car I pull her in again and we start kissing and grabbing each other in the street. I open the car door for her like a gentleman and we continue in the car. 

At this point it's late and we don't really have anywhere to go. In retrospect I should have just made her suck my dick in my car and dropped her off at her friends place. BUT I had it in my head earlier that a) it would be earlier and b) we had the whole night together. So I drive us 20 mins to my friends place. He has a tiny little office in his apartment with only a floor cushion and a chair. Not ideal but I've done it before and will do it again lol. 

She's kind of drunk, not sloppy but I have little paitence for drunk people when I'm drunk never mind when I am sober, and at this point I've had 3 beers but that was a while ago so I'm even more fed up. We get to my friends place and we start kissing again, I grab her ass and feel her up, she starts grinding herself on whatever she can lol. I pull back and guide her hand towards my belt, she undoes everything - I stop everything and kind of lean back not touching her, staring at her with my dick in her hand... like what are you going to do. She gets on her knees and gives me SUCH an amazing blowjob. I did not last long, she had me crazy horny for like 8 hours at this point. 

After I stand her up and shes about to whip off her pants but I tell her to stop. I sit down in the chair, put her against the wall and then tell her to take them off - so I get a show. She does and its amazing. I spank her a bit and shes not wearing any panties she "forgot" - I turn her around while shes standing in front of me sitting still. She is a little while unshaven which she is insecure about... I watch her do this cute little dance and try to cover herself up with her forearms. I laugh to myself while batting away her arms and tell her not to be shy. I start to feel her up and she is like melting on my hand, knees buckling and mini convulsions. Damn. 

We bang for a bit but neither of us are really feeling it. It's super late at this point and she is getting cranky. I lose my wood so she works some magic with her mouth - its a miracle! but she turns me off, at this point it has become a chore and my dick shut down. At this point we are trying to bang for our ego's and it is just not working out.

In her mind, I think she thinks she was being a bit of a dick by being like 'yo, what are we doing here'  - I could not care less, it barely registered that she was being a dick.. I'm like its all good, I'll just drive you to your friends place to crash as I start to put on my clothes but she doesn't want me to. I offer to try to get her off but she doesn't want me to go down on her with her little fuzz going on and my fingers are not going to cut it - I bang her a little again cause she wants to me fuck her and cum again but neither of us are that into it. 

She is really chill about it. This situation could have gone terribly bad - but I learned this lesson from here a while ago after one bad experience, of how to frame this stuff. And girls go along with it her - she said "its fine, that's the way it goes sometimes"

I drive her back and we have some late night chats. I really like this type of girl, she reminds of one of my ex-girls although at an 'earlier' stage in life. She definitely had a troubled adolescence lol and is still a bit too much of a party girl for me - but just like my ex-girl, I find her a little more well-rounded and experienced than a lot of 21 year old girls because they have lived a lot and seen some shit lol. So she is moving into her own place for the first time ever and trying out this "adulting" thing. She kind of says without saying that she needs some responsible guy to help her out. 

I would be down to date this girl, get her on the right track listening to tolle n shit lol. But I'm not sure if it is going to work out, she is still too much of a party girl and I don't need that type of drama in my life. She said her ex was emotionally abusive and she is pretty sentitive/intimate despite being a street kid lol. Although if it works out it could be a really amazing scenario and positive relationship. I drop her off and she gives me a goodbye smooch. 

next day me: good morning

me: I can still smell your juices all over me and its driving me crazy

hour later me: I just realized I'm a little upset with you lil missy, I thought ***bar was closer to **** but I was parked outside the gawddamn place half the night. Durr...

One day and no reply, not too worried because that's even how this text convo started out. Although I am wondering if I handled everything proper after our romp didn't go exactly as planned. Usually after sex I just give some light intimate sexting then transition back into regular convo... I think the rule of thumb here is a quick nonchalant phone call next day.

That last text I sent was just pretty authentic to me at that moment, I was sitting in bed when everything was clicking but I wished I snapped a little bit the previous night - she has no context of me being 'upset' yet.

I am tripping out a bit, I at least want to see her again no matter what this develops into, but Im going on another date later so.. yeah. Thinking I will text her in a day or two to ask if shes all good for her big moving day - which is middle of next week - which fits back into the initimate daddy vibe we had going on.

Joined: 04/20/2012
Online game stats lol: Two

Online game stats lol: Two weeks been hitting online game hard, two lays, four dates and some pretty interesting text threads - even before me meet. This is the second of the two girls I banged, just this wknd. 

I'll post up some more the threads or at least the key parts. Haven't had time to go back at look at them much less post 'em up. Only thing I've been hating about online game is even after you connect and start chatting... There are still so many variables at play. Time of the day, time of the week, what she is doing when she sees your message, etc etc. There are two MEGA hotties I matched with and gave them my standard openers but no reply yet... I am finding it a bit of a crap shoot to be able to gain traction, but once you do, like this thread it is smooth sailing. 

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Neither of you are feeling it

Neither of you are feeling it all of a sudden? Lol wtf? 

Good job, I guess. Looks like a nice easygoing lay. Schhhhhawiiing.

Btw you tell women you want to drool on them like that? That's slightly off to me I wouldn't be sending that. But looks here like it just didn't matter lol


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Yes essentially, after the Bj

Yes essentially, after the Bj things just got.. awkward. At least I wasn't feeling it. And I don't usually drop the drool emoji but did in this case and I think two other convos this week. I forget which ones but I know at least the one lead or is leading to a date. Interesting your feedback - same text with hearteyes doesn't imply the same thing I suppose, subtle but its there. But to answer you, yes MW, sometimes I do drool on wimenz lol

Yeah nice and easy. Another convo I had a two weeks ago lead into sexting (it took a little more on my part with that girl, this one was just DTF) and we hooked up pretty much right away. AMAZING girl. Two sexting convos led to hooking up - but I had two other sexting convos recently where... they weren't exactly showing up hot and bothered. Still had to go on a coffee and a drink date. Which I am all for but I do want to analyze the text convos to see if it is just the types of girls, or if I did something different via text. Shooting out BF vibes or something. Otherwise if I knew that previously I wouldn't really get into sexting it sets up a little too much anticipation and expectations before a coffee date... The two ended up being quite a downshift 

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Naw even if you sext still

Naw even if you sext still show up expecting to seduce her it's ridiculous to think otherwise. That's just rude, lol 

Good job. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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lol I would still have good

lol I would still have good seduction manners. This LR is somewhat of an outlier - but sometimes sexting can lead to a scenario where sex is definitely on the table, even if we have to go on a quick date first so she knows I won't murder her vs other times when I can't necessarily captialize on the momentum and the girl wants to go on a interview over coffee after work with poor circumstances to even pull. And the in the latter cases I gain nothing from sexting beforehand (if anything it just creates a downshift in momentum when we do meetup)... Going to analyze those few text threads and see if I can see any difference in what I'm doing to cause that, or maybe the latter girls just need a longer experience first getting hot and heavy from the safety of their couch