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Met this chick at EDC this weekend. She's a solid 9, brunette and I was very on-point throughout 98% of the interaction I would say, like I felt as if I had some sort of breakthrough in my game while talking to this chick since I was so boss with her. She kept calling me crazy, insane, and laughing nervously while touching me.

I grab her as soon as I see her like "who the fuck are you", she tells me her name i extend my hand with a shit eating grin saying "Pleasure" and pull her into me

I am very forward and physical with her have her giggling a lot. I'm calling her a flirt while pulling her shirt down so I can see her tits. Kissing her on the cheek/neck although she always turns lips away. When I get her # I see her phone background which is her kissing some guy I tell her that's not allowed. She says why do you think I was doing that (resisting kissing me)-thats her bf. she likes touching me and holds my hand and is kind of fidgety with it like girls do. I carry her toward the stage but then when I put her down she wants to walk back where her friends are supposed to be. At one point I tell her to look at me, and repeat myself until she does. I ask her if she trusts me (boss). I can feel her eyes soften and she says "yes" submissively. I tell her ok if her friends aren't here in 10 minutes (should have said 5) we're going to go get a beer and she agrees. When the time comes she gets resistant again (not sure if I wasn't keeping up the boss tonality enough when I said the second time- I had kept it all the way thru-out, I feel like if I get a sense that there is an actual risk she might not agree my boss tonality falters a bit...
She sees her friends and motions that she found them, probably expecting me to stay but I leave.

I text her the next day (Sunday)

me: Hey boo hope you had a good time last night
me: Even tho it couldn't of been as fun as me ;)
her: Hahah you disappeared on me right when i found my friends *disappointed emoji* but yes I did have a good time, I ended up getting super fucked up
me: Yeah that would've been fun :)
me: You should come over we're gona start drinking soon

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Joined: 05/01/2012
Any tips on what to text her

Any tips on what to text her from here? She lives in LA so I'm definitely trying to follow up with her

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Jul 2 me: not over edc. Still

Jul 2

me: not over edc. Still doin it up Vegas style. can't stop won't stop


me: Hey punkin. Hows your day going

so im thinking bout going

Seriously I cant believe we havent talked since Vegas. That's sad :( I miss how jealous all the ravers were of our sexy style

and include a picture of the 2 of us

What do you guys think about that?

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Yeah that's kinda hot. You

Yeah that's kinda hot. You might not even need the pic honestly 


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