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Have recently gotten a lay but don't want it to go any further with this girl than us being butt buddies. I had sex with her again this week. She is hitting me up for plans and things like that. Anyone with advice on this subject? Although i view her as a stepping stone. I think the experience dealing with the girl and managing her could be a good thing just to get it under my belt. Also do not want to hurt anyones feelings if I can avoid it. But I definitely don't want a relationship with this girl. How do I manage expectations while not completely ending it/making her feel like an ass/like she was used?

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I had this problem too a lot

I had this problem too a lot bro. I try to tell the girl beforehand I don't want anything like that and it seems to work. Or you could always go cold on her and hit her up when you want too? Use the "too busy" bs that most people use when they don't want to chill. 

Not the best way, but it tends to work. Eventually she will fuck off if you use that freeze her out until you want her option though.


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Just understand that girls

Just understand that girls are the CHAMPS at fucking a dude then not pursuing anything with him. Do NOT feel bad they do it all the time lol 


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