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Manwhore’s Online Membership Review


I took Manwhore’s Skype coaching program for two months and have been an avid follower on his forum.


The reviews speak for themselves. His Skype program is the most complete, comprehensive and personalised training you could hope to receive in the pickup/ self-development industry. I can say for myself it is the best investment I have made in myself. The one thing that I appreciate the most is that he gives you the TOOLS aka DRILLS to make it to where you want to be - not merely a crazy weekend or a bunch of inspirational videos (as helpful as they may be) where it is so easy to fall back into the same patterns. Not only that it’s inspirational and refreshing to be coached by someone who truly walks the talk with zero tolerance for bullshit lol.


Inner game, Technique, Verbals, Vocals, Physicality, Presence - It’s ALL in there. My only regret is not doing the third month.


As for the forum - the amount of free value offered here is simply ridiculous. Go check it out if you haven’t already ;)


The online membership though is what I want to share with you because it hasn’t been mentioned a lot and it’s FULL of amazing shit. 


Here’s a preview of the stuff you’ll find: 


  1. Physical Game - Videos explaining i) why physical game is absolutely fundamental to success with women - even more so than verbal game; and ii) Advanced physical escalation mindsets and techniques that show how to escalate in a way that is SUPER effective and powerful. I’ve been doing this myself and it is some powerful shit that immediately changes the shape/vibe/path of the interaction. Game changer. 
  2. How to cold approach and open PROPERLY - The Social Ninja Approach to minimise bitch-shields and rejections (It’s not just walking up and saying “I thought you looked cute and wanted to say Hi”)
  3. How to get a girl’s phone number without asking for it
  4. How to turn this phone number into dates and sexy times through advanced TEXTING (and sexting;) ) - Some of MW’s best text game revealed nowhere else. As many of you might know from the forum there are MANY styles/personas/modalities you can adopt while texting. Some of these styles and dynamics are revealed here. MW texting Playboy Models and other hotties.
  5. How to handle LOGISTICS like a Vietnamese taxi driver
  6. How to bust through the hardest LMR situations like a boss
  7. How to become a SEXUAL PANTHER - because what’s the point of all the stuff above if you suck at sex! This section is in my opinion is the BEST part of the membership. It’s mind-BLOWING lol. Seriously, this article alone took me to another sexual level and the best part is - it has PRACTICAL guidelines. The article explores one of the key modalities/ emotional dynamics of sex that we all crave but have often repressed or lost touch with. MW brings out his best to explain and guide you to reconnect with these desires and more importantly to put them into practice. For SURE this will stretch your mind (and body ;) to realise what in the matter of ffuck is possible to achieve during sex. 
  8. Destroying Limiting Beliefs


In summary the online membership contains many of the best parts of the Skype coaching program and the forum (and perhaps even the Sexual Mastery program). If Skype program had a baby with the forum, this would be the online membership.


Of course the Skype coaching goes much more in-depth, aimed at YOU ALONE and as such, it is by far the best way to get coached by Manwhore. But many of the amazing things I learnt from him during my Skype coaching is actually available on the membership program.


The one HUGE part that is missing on the membership though is his VOCAL and VERBAL training program. This is probably because this is the BEST part of his Skype coaching (in my opinion) and it is almost too valuable to share online. Plus vocal coaching is very interactive and personalised meaning videos and articles can’t do justice to what he wants to teach here.


I would say this membership is ideal for intermediate/advanced level guys looking to make big leaps in their game. The fact that new exclusive and advanced content is uploaded every month makes the membership even more worthwhile. The content is that much more detailed, laser-focused and nuanced than what you find around for free even on the forum.  Highly recommend you check it out for yourself if you haven’t.







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love the quote in ye sig

love the quote in ye sig


Review of Manwhore's skype coaching:

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