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Manwhore banged Julian's girlfriend lol holy shit

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After recovering from my boner, the first thing that popped into my head after reading this pornagraphic novel was, "Jesus.. remind me to never shit on this guys pillow". This was possibly the most savage post I've ever read. 

What stands out most to me is the presence. A lot of guys who have gotten laid as much as Manwhore are just addicted to sex but this is different. The depth of presence in the writing, It's written the way you'd expect someone having sex for the first time to write. 

I honestly think Manwhore was deeply deeply upset with Julian when he wrote this. Like... not only did he bang juliens girlfriend but he went into every gory detail. This came from an inspired place.  

Did anyone else read this? Not a word about it on the forum. What the fuck?


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I mean, Manwhore sure knows

I mean, Manwhore sure knows how to fuck with people...but if that shit really hurt Julien, then Julien is a fucking pussy. 


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If it was about fucking with

If it was about fucking with Julien I could have done that years ago back when it happened. That was not at all my intent here. What Julien is doing is a perverted twist on the entire point of this community. We're not fuckhead deviants, we are reconcilers. I'm not gonna let his dipshit ass keep doing weird shit without pointing it out when I see it. It just so happened I had the perfectly balanced anecdote on hand.  


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