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Manwhore Coaching Review 2.0: MW Has Been My Guide To Becoming A Man

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So I came back to MW. Always leaving me wanting more. HAHA. 

These past 4 weeks were mainly to fix not only problems with women, but with my family life as well. I have an upbringing with a father who I'd like to say is a man-child. More or less I am babysitting. I'd tell myself that I want to leave this house and make as much money as possible to get away from his bitch ways because not only was he like this, but was extremely negative as well. 

MW and his drilling not only made me realize how to handle this situation, but how to go through a bit of a seasoning process into becoming a man. I learned through MW that even if I were to run away, the problems will follow me. Even with women. If I can't handle a situation like this, how can I handle women?

So I went through a series of drills that MW identified best for me and must say he is a genius at what he does. It's like he can take any piece of writing or information you give him and he'll take it and basically be like....ok so you have to do this, and if you listen to me you'll get this. 

I went from being in an abyss of uncertainty to fully taking on the leading role in my house. My dad may still butt heads with me, but everyone in the household is recognizing me for taking hold of situations and keeping order and control. 

Through this series of coaching sessions I've developed a multitude of characteristics I didn't think were possible in my life up until now. I've become shameless towards the way I express myself towards others unapologetically, I am happy to be me each and every single moment, and I took control of a power to lead in multiple situations that I never knew I had.

I've went from being a busy guy at school who made excuses not to talk to girls, to having girls hitting ME up and seeing what I am doing. 

All I can say is MW really listens to what you have to say, and it means more than the money that I give him what he has given back to me. I am truly in awe of what Jon is capable of.

Thank You MW.

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Awesome bro. We did a lot of

Awesome bro. We did a lot of amazing work this training "season" ;) 


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Yeah. Even though I know

Yeah. Even though I know other coaches, I don't trust them nearly as much as I trust John. I gotta get coaching again because since I moved and started college my life changed alot and need some guidance, cause I'm kinda lost in some areas.

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Yeah he kicks ass. I'm

Yeah he kicks ass. I'm surprised how cheap the bootcamps are! Will have to get one when I get my money problem handled.