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For manwhore, section where Madison talks about him in book

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Reddit banned my account so I never logged onto it anymore , just saw your message now. Here's a copy and paste of the section 

Meeting up with Jeffy’s intern Powerhouse, we walk to XS. Natlex and 

Powerhouse work the line, and we all get in for free and skip the wait. In fucking Vegas ! Good job, guys! 

 Inside, I see Manwhore, who says, “Sup. Wing a little.” The first set worth mentioning was a sexy tattooed girl in a v-cut pink boob dress. Lots of swagger. It’s on, but I fail to take it past the initial interest. I feel weird touching her because her UG friend is all over asking for pics with me. I ask a lot of lame questions about their travel and their stay, and I tell her lame secrets, basically “gaming” her. Fail. Get her number and text later: she’s in bed. I push things. No luck. 

 Ten more sets. I see Tim and give him an RSD spin-hug to mock all the RSD dudes running around trying to be Tyler with their mirror-copy Tyler game. Tyler shows up, comes over to me, and says that he remembers me from NY. I meet one of Brad’s friends. He has a sailor hat on. We run a two-set. Once again the girl is into me initially but not into my strong Kino. The girls ask us if we want to go swimming. We say we do. We exchange numbers, and they leave to change their clothes. I lose them for the night. 

 Note: This is not intermediate level game where the girls lose interest because you don’t escalate or try to lead. This is something different, where the girls are ejecting because I don’t fully believe in myself and they can feel me making moves. When I game the girl, she thinks, “Why does this cool black man not believe he is cool?” It’s like I haven’t fully grown into how awesome I am. Natlex says to me, “It’s funny. Your game is just as good as any instructor’s, but you still think you suck. It’s like you’re trying to achieve some godlike unrealistic standard.” This is where everything changed for me. Watching the other instructors, Alexander told me, “You will just think they are cool dudes.” It’s true, but I forget that I am already this cool to the core. It’s like I don’t fall into “state.” I just remember how complete I am. Gay. 

 Lesson: There is a difference between high-value game and assuming attraction. 

 I see Alexander and tease him about his lesbian haircut. Jeffy asks me where Fingerman is. I say, “Depressed somewhere.” Brads takes off his shirt, and he is being silly as he approaches girls. The joke is his calmness, like nothing is up. LOL. I rub his chest from the side. He thought I was a girl: he says if I were he would fuck me up the ass and dominate me. We crack up laughing. These guys have more genuine fun than anyone else ever. 


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I remember when Madison

I remember when Madison finally showed up to a superconference I don't remember this particular night 


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