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Ever since I started training ninjutsu a year ago, I noticed a change in the ways I could direct my emotions and project them onto others a hell of a lot better. I have been meditating for three years before that so I trained myself to become aware of my emotions especially in those situations that gave me that tight feeling around the chest area.

Fighting has changed that for the better, while awareness and letting work fine for me, directing my aggressiveness in bursts of battle (in our ninjutsu class you actually hit the other perosn) I sort of developed this expressiveness in social situations as well. Only recently I sort of linked this back to fighting may have played a role in this after I watched this video 


That guy trained with vunek and trains guys how to with their aggression in a controlled environment so they know how to use it in a fight without loosing their head. 

He goes through the process of to develop that agressive edge if you are lacking in that department too, which I thought was interesting as well. 

any thoughts? 

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Yeah we've discussed this for

Yeah we've discussed this for years. I try to get every guy in my training program into a martial art. There's a LOT of resistance to it most times I'm glad this dude has finally come out with a talk on it. 


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Cool video. I went to train

Cool video. I went to train muay thai non-stop 2 times a day for a month in thailand and when i came back my brains focus was just on fighting and i found it hard as fuck to talk to girls. Took me some nights out to change my focus and get back to normal. Something i noticed with the fighters with 200+ fights is they didn't really say much at all the days before the fight. 

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Yeah a lot of guys get in

Yeah a lot of guys get in their heads the days leading up to a fight. I think it's more about visualization than anything.

I've also noticed that they are less prone to show affection or hang out with their significant others and be intimate. It's kind of a "going into battle" sort of thing.