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Med student - looks like she's icing me *SUPER TIME SENSITIVE*

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Super time sensitive because she leaves to Cuba Tuesday so if we don't chill tomorrow, i probably won't see her for a month lol. 

Med student. First date like 6-7 months ago, very casual but both of us never really pursued. Reconnected about a month ago, kept the date mellow, made out, but no pull. Next week, introduce her to friends then bang her. She admitted to being excited to meeting them and then felt stupid when I said "what?" "oh nvm." pulled her in for a kiss and said i'm glad. She tests a bit saying "do you introduce every girl to your friends?" "lol no, that'd be weird." Anyway, go back to mine and bang, no resistance. We have been seeing each other basically once a week, but last time I noticed something a bit off - which was totally my fault. When I was showing her my phone to look at instagram my dating apps were just full of notifications. Like something absurd. She didn't say anything, but I could just sense something. She also mentioned after sex "you know we could do something other than just have sex... like talk." with respect to telling her I just needed a few minutes. I laughed and was like yea for sure, obviously. shot the shit, and we banged eventually some more later on.

she text me when she got home saying she really wished she was back in my bed etc, we flirted lightly. but i noticed after that weekend she started pulling away more - she mentioned being overwhelmed because her step 1 exams (which are a huge deal), but my gut is telling me she is trying to ice me because she feels like i'm playing her/not taking her seriously. She's no longer reaching out on her own and it's me chasing a bit via text. 

We were tentatively supposed to hang tomorrow after her step 1 but here are a few texts leading up to this. 


Me: *sends song*

Her: Hi :) I'll check it out later tonight. A bit stressed right now

Her: *much later* That song is suuuper mellow. I like it. 

Her: Unfoortunately I can't study to music. A bit too distracting for me.

Her: How r u doing?

I try to call her just to get that rapport back. 

Her: Hey I'm in bed. Mind if we talk later? I'm really tired :(

Me: Yeah it's all good, we can text for a quick sec. 

me: Haha yeah, I figured you wouldn't be able to study. Everything is good tho, just trying to learn this material. How's studying been going? Still sick?

Her: No luckily not sick anymore. Studying is fine. I'm just sooo bored of it. I feel like I'm already forgetting things that I studied a few weeks ago. Just can't wait to be done 

Her: Do u still have class or r u in finals study periods

Me: lol I feels that. Naw I still have a week left. 

Me: That's good! I'm sure you just need a quick refresher and you'll remember

Her: Yeah hopefully


Me: Good luck on your exam tomorrow, I'm sure you'll crush. 

Her: Thank you! So excited to be done soon!! How are you doing?

Me: Good. By this time tomorrow you’ll be sipping on a beer haha. Things are going, just grinding it out. I think i’m almost done studying for one class which is good. 

Me: You still up to hang tomorrow?

[ Side note, I feel like i'm not really even engaging her much in retro or like probing enough about her life, which is lame and i think reinforcing this bad momentum ] 

Her: Do you mind if I let u know tmrw? I'm sorry I know that's super annoying, I'm just not sure how I'm ganna feel afterwards and don't wanna plan anything that'll mess up my psyche during the test lol 

Her: And nice! How many classes do u have finals in?

Granted she is a bit weird about stuff. (we can't study together because she has to be alone to focus so this could be a genuine thing, but i'd like to stay in front of this this time and really try to let her know she's a bit special) 

Any and all advice would be appreciated. 

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I actually don't think she is

I actually don't think she is icing you. I think she is just busy/stressed AND you're not providing enough good vibes where she can look forward to seeing you so she's hesitant to give you a straight answer. She is going through some tough times you want to make it clear that you will make her feel better.  I'm just not seeing enough sincere n' silly texting. Call her some endearing pet names and let her know how much fun you guys are gonna have. Again, I don't think she is going cold at all!

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"Yeah boo thang lemme know if

"Yeah boo thang lemme know if you're up for it after the exam"

"I know I'll need a cold one lol"

"it'd be nice to have a partner in crime yah know somebody to take over the dance floor with"

...that type of vibe. You need awesomeness here, that's it. 

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Thanks Meow! Here is where

Thanks Meow! Here is where we're at everyone. 

Me: Yeah bebs, lemme know if you’re up for it after your exam. 

Me: I know I’ll need a cold one after studying haha.

Me: Would be fun to have a partner in crime to take over the dance floor with

Me: i have 3 finals, but one is pass no pass, so the threshold is a lot lower haha. 

Her: Haha u mean to go dancing tomorrow?

Her: And nice that doesn't sound toooo bad 

Me: duh, we’ll bring the party beb. might get the bartender to cut you off early tho so you make your flight haha.

Me: otherwise i know of a nearby chuck-e cheese where i can kick your butt in foosball 

Her: Haha both of those ideas sound fun! I'll text u after the test and let u know

Not sure where we're at exactly, but i think we're in a better place now - guess i'll find out tomorrow. I think I'll end the convo with "Perfect. Get some rest so you can destroy this exam buhbs."

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Me: Perfect. Get some rest so

Me: Perfect. Get some rest so you can crush this exam buhbs. 

Her: Lol heading to bed now. Good night :)

I thinkkkkk we're getting back on track now. Will post tomorrow to see what's up. Shout out to Meow. 

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Aeq idk why you're worried

Aeq idk why you're worried man this girl digs you. Yes she's just busy. Relax holmes u gucci.

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Daddyjihad1 wrote:Aeq idk

Daddyjihad1 wrote:
Aeq idk why you're worried man this girl digs you. Yes she's just busy. Relax holmes u gucci.

Probably a lil paranoid due to former FWB lol. I just noticed some similar patterns starting to unfold and wanted to stay in front of it. 

But word, thanks mangs.