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Joined: 11/15/2013

I don't know if it's my new haircut or something, but girls were into me more than usual this weekend haha. Could probably have fucked multiple girls but i didn't lead enough so i didn't get laid. 

Joined: 11/15/2013
Haha kimnasty, i was killing

Haha kimnasty, i was killing it this summer. Pulled different girls on 3 consecutive days once. But all i did was try to fuck girls, now i'm busy with college and shit 

A couple examples from the girls i met...


So i went to this pre party with a cold, no booze etc and generally low energy, but when i got there i introduced myself to everyone and the host who was pretty hot and she seemed charmed too cuz i said some funny shit. There was some drinking game with anonymous questions written on a paper. So someone read out the question on the paper loud and it said "cholo, who would you rather have sex with in this room", so i pointed at the chick that also was the host and she giggled and looked flattered. Then we were standing in the line to a club and she was being flirty but i got a bit stifled. The line to the club was really chaotic so i lost her. 

So a suddenly a guy and a random chick think that i'm cool decide to get me some free shots, and after i drink it some hot ass girl that i had apparently talked to earlier approaches me and i don't recognize her, but she was like alot older than me, taller, incredibly good looking and a law student so even though i had a casually fun interaction i doubted that she would have any sexual interest so i didn't take it anywhere. Shortly after this some dumb security guard decides to kick me out so i had to go home...


Still having a cold and not feeling like going out. A female friend tells me she is going to a club in a nearby city with her hot ass female friend but told her i was just gonna stay at home. So i see my byddy smoking a joint and take a couple of tokes. Then my other female friend brings over her whole party squad with a couple of hot girls for some pre-drinks. one of them was flirting heavily but i was just stoned and in my head loool. So she probably lost interest. When they leave for the club i decide to join them, still stoned, and this one chick starts hugging me for some reason, and then kisses me on my cheek. At this point i should probably just have pulled her back to my place and fucked her but the weed had me a bit fucked up. 

When i get to the club i have some drinks with my mates, but they were acting lame so i decide to go talk to some girls by myself. and while i wasn't stifled anymore and the girls seemed to like me i lacked physicality and leading. So i start talking to this group of 3 girls and 2 dudes and they're like "let's go get some drinks at a bar", so i go with them. So i "picked" a chick and walked alongside her talking to her but i don't know if she was shy or just not interested because she would laugh and giggle but she wasn't talking alot... not even to her friends. The other 2 girls were not really my type. When we get to the bar there turns out to be an entrance free so i say fuck it and go home. When i get home there are a couple people there, including 2 girls that live 2 floors downstairs but not so attractive. I was teasing one of them hard and she was getting really horny from what i could tell. but i decide to leave them and go to an other after party....


Lessons learnt: i don't need to be high energy to attract girls, but i definitely have to be more physical and more leading. Also, the next time if a girl is dtf i will just fuck her no matter if she is a 6 or a 9

Joined: 11/15/2013
So right now for club game i

So right now for club game i would say my biggest problem is feeling confidence if the girl is really attracted to me, especially with taller and older chicks, since i'm short and have a baby face. 

I think i'm pretty expressive but think i need to get more SEXUALLY expressive. Cuz with some chicks there just isn't naturally sexual chemistry and i feel robotic escalating on them... And the last thing i wanna be is a weird pick up guy.

What has worked for me so far is probably turning it on them, by playfully accusing them for groping me etc. Do you guys have any other advice on this?

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I thought it was well-known

I thought it was well-known already, or maybe not. One of my female assistants DESTROYED Julien down in Miami a couple years back. He tried running that "dog" game on her and she tore him up he hung his head in shame afterwards lol. I still love him but yeah that sort of thing doesn't (and isn't) supposed to work on everybody. It's a two-way street. That headband he used to wear and the moobs. She tore his butthole open. 


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Joined: 11/15/2013
I pulled last night but

 I met 2 girls outside the club yesterday that i pulled but failed to fuck. I just wanted to fuck one of them but didn't know what to do with the other chick. 

So i went to an after party and got drunk as fuck, and i was hanging out with this chick that was into me. What i didn't realize was the clock was already about 6 am by then, and all her friends wanted to go home so she went home with them.

She added me on facebook and wrote:

Her: wow did we really stole your neighbours food yesterday (laughing emoji)

Her: i feel bad about it

Me: hahahah 

Me: we have to do it again

Her: hahahha i wanna go replace it

Me: Some neighbour stole our toaster a while ago, it's alright

Me: or was that you aswell?

Her: hhahhaa

Her: i can't recall doing it

Joined: 11/15/2013
So i met this chick that is

So i met this chick on saturday that was amazing. Not only incredibly hot but also really fucking cool. I invited her to my party and shes gonna come but i just realized im getting over excited and will probably get nervous when she actually shows up lmao!