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Just head back from Miami.

I will add note later excited to be back and apply what I've learn. Plus sharing it on my favorite forum.

Just some appetizer before I finish my notes and post it here:

Most guys who attend seminars and events on anything are in SPECTATOR mode. They just don't want it bad enough, everything you want you should engage in like A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS man, meaning

you know what are the fundamentals, have a journal in your life, brief and debrief non stop. This is the life of a hustler.

Oz say to me that out of all this guys only 3% will succeed. And I network with all this 3%.

Free content actually hurt you. You lose laser focus and track of your goals. Stay on track, find the fundamentals, know them by heart, analyse again and again you're game. Hangout with Top guys ONLY. Seek for more experience dude.

If you want the truth in anything go into the kitchen and see how everything is cook. Get to know people and let them talk they will unleash the truth. When you endorse a professional presentation you cannot keep it real, you got to make people relate, however hearing someone unleashing his real thoughts is always the MOST valuable thing you will earn.

I was talking to Bill Walsh that dude is a Top guy and cool dude to hang around with. The main lesson I gain from him is BE A CLOSER. People just don't close. Have the outcome in mind, always.

I also go to Miami with a mission. I do not take an hotel or a car. I either pull or sleep in the street. I pull 2 time in the week. The sense of fearlessness doing that is totally new to me.

I find a new way to "warm up" myself before hitting the club. I beef with homeless/drug dealer, this dudes got massive frame control, especially homeless. They also teach you a lot.

I encounter a homeless who make 35 dollars a days pen handling in south beach. It's 1000$ a month almost. If you can't make that you actually are weaker than a homeless on the Hustler side of things...

I hangout in E11even club of Miami, it's a strip club. I finally found what I like. Strip club are the shit, I instinctively stay cold no high energy shit like some RSD monkey. I let the stripper chase and put myself out of the customer frame. And fail to isolate, that black girl was my honey. Damn she was a hot pepper.

Stripper are the true 10. I will even say 11.

Why ? Because one they respect the N°1 rule: they do not give a fuck about what anyone think of them. Seeing a girl being internally validated is a true shocker.

Completely out of the scope of social conditionning. They got MAD game, they instinctively calibrate and got massive experiences doing so, Eye contact of Boss and full feminity for some of them. Shameless too.

Their bodies are tone as fuck and they got insane stretching ability.

Now the best thing is that I do not have to hold myself back with this girls. I go full on myself mode and they just love it, at any signs of faggotness you're a goner.

I just love stripper, it's official, how come I was in Vegas and do not check one strip club ? Pfff...

However I need to discuss this stripper shit with some Ballers. Meaning MW the douche who got massive expertise on that. Smell like the Skype coaching will go again.

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Going a bit Spartan. Nice,

Going a bit Spartan. Nice, razzle. Keep posting and keepin it Rael.


Review of Manwhore's skype coaching:

Sun Tzu — 'Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win'

Marcus Aurelius - "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Angelina Jolie -- "She asked if I wanted to play a Bond girl. I said, ‘No, I’m not comfortable with that… but I would like to play Bond’.”

Why is that when a man sleeps with a women, he's called a player. But, when a woman does it, she's called a lesbian?!

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So here is my conclusion,

So here is my conclusion, kinda obvious for the most of you, the number 1 thing that block you from expressing yourself. The fact that you got no intonation, no emotions in the voices etc... is actually giving a fuck aka fear.

All the guys I meet in Miami it was the THING that stood out the most. I always knew this instinctively, actually enduring uncomfort in any situations outside "pick up women" or with them will move you to groundness, presence, less thought, empower reality, glory.

Working on that will raise all the characteristic of game:

(For all of you who use to play PES 6)

I field test that: 2 night in a row, I go to a party in Paris and on the way I dress fucking weird and stand akwardly in front of the eyes of everyone in the train. I have picture of that but that would be too awesome for you to taste. Anyways this night I was untouchable. You take yourself lightly, it's like a stretch after sport, you hold the tension and when you release you have more articular amplitude, you feel light.

This does not mean training the skills by themselves is useless. If you combine the 2 however you get pur glory.

Now it might be tricky what uncomfort is for one person is not the same for another one. It might be writing down your darkest secret on paper and revealing them to your family. Saying things you want to say for year to someone,

beefing with your baker on purpose just because you are terrified of public confrontation.

My bro literally is afraid to say I love you to his mom... It might be nothing for most people but for some it is.

Anywhere you find uncomfort you will find a treasure.

Some tips: the most commong thing I see in guys is the fear of confrontation with other guys. This is the biggest fear next to talking to girl.

Some videos to enjoy:

It sound out of context but eating healthy (heavy on the green), good sleep, and meditation help BIG time.