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Mid-Review of MW’s Skype Coaching




So I’m a little crossfaded right now… just finished my bday dinner and feeling great… life is good. So I told Manwhore I’d finish my mid-review of my Skype training with him by the end of this weekend, so here I go!


Before skype coaching with Manwhore, I was a complete mess. I had a LOT of issues that needed to be taken care of. I was not a virgin – in fact, I had slept with maybe 14 girls at that point. But it wasn’t smooth. And half the girls were cute/hot and the other half were average or aesthetically displeasing but I was young, dumb, and horny so I had to make the most of it Lol. It was more of the bang bang bang approach like the famous RSD approach that for some reason seems is all the rage these days in the “Community” . Not the most effective approach in my opinion but to each their own lol. Anyway, I was a mess. I had MANY insecurities. I was insecure about my height, look, Christian and homeschooling background, and such, and due to my childhood, was intensely in my head so much of my life. I’d base the “success” of my nights basically on how much validation I got from women and who I considered to be the “cool kids”. I didn’t really empathize with women and those around me. I was so intensely in my head that I analyzed everything I did in social interactions while I was in them Lol. But even then I wasn’t aware of how I made other people feel around me. I’d joke around or say something and not be aware of how it made certain people in the social circle feel. And that hurt me in more than one social circles lol. The worse part was that I had this terrible victim mentality. I’d make so many excuses about things, you’d rip your eyes out hearing about it. (Don’t worry, a lot of that shit is eradicated lol).


So I decided to do training with Jon. The first week he could tell we had a lot of work cut out for us. He revealed to me that I was deeply unconscious, and had a lot of unconscious tension within my body that was keeping me from behaving in much more masculine and effective manner.


Each week, he gave me a meditation and set of drills to practice on my own in order to develop the skills necessary to effectively communicate, lead, and attract the women I wanted. After practicing the drills, I’d go out Wednesday/Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and talk to various women I met. Many times I would approach girls and pretend to really escalate my interactions with the girls. I was scared of pushing it to far, of being “creepy”, or of getting “rejected”.  Manwhore got on me several times and encouraged me to step up as a man and take charge of my interactions and show up to these women.


Sometimes I did terrible. Other times I did some some fucking cool shit Lol. Here’s a report from my first week:


“So I head out and I see this poppin’ house party, two stories where the dj is playing on the second floor and people are going crazy on the first floor in the front year lol people  are having a fucking blast, and there’s some cute/hot chicks here. Long story short, I go for different cute/hot chicks and dance with one or two but eventually they leave and dance with themselves/their girl-friend group. I recognize that the black dudes at this party have game. They like the white girls lol Anyways I’m not captivating the hot chicks at this party, they seem to already have a guy or dancing with their female friends and no guys. Whatever. I’m feeling good. Actually more present and context after hearing some Tolle. Fast forward I see this chick, say “Yo!/Hey!” chat chat and she says she needs to leave, and I tell her “let me get your number first so we can meet up another time” and she gives me a number and I say “give me a kiss”, pointing to my cheek, and she kisses my cheek then I move my mouth and we’re making out for alittle bit and then she leaves to find her friends who left the party. (I text her later that night and unfortunately nothing happens). At the end of the party this cute Asian chick brushes my shoulder and I pull her in and introduce myself. She wants to drink more and asks if I have any more alcohol. I say “yes, I have some in the trunk of my car, let’s go.” She tells me she’s with friends and said that’s fine, they can join us” (or something I cant remember). It ends up being her (cute Asian chick), her average cute latin friend, and 3 other girls that aren’t attractive to me. Anyways I just chit chat (verbal state drill) and lead them all all the way to my car. Give them all a drink and then say “lets go hear some bombass music back at my pad and we can chill and drink there”. After a little resistance by once of them I persuade them all and I drive them all to my apartment. We enter my apartment, much to one of my roommate’s shock as he’s trying to study chemistry lol and I’m like “let’s drink” to the girls and I put on some bomb music and we’re all chilling. I put my arm around the cute Asian chick and she’s giving me token resistance and keeps telling me “Chill Nate” “chill” and I chill but return later making moves on her. Progress is slow. I’m trying to isolate her from the group. I notice the latin girl is the mother-hen/the group leader and I signal to her with my eyes to go to the other room where the restroom is at and is isolated from the living room. I go there and she follows. She immediately shows her interest in me, touching me and shit. But I want the Asian girl. Then I think to myself, “Well, maybe I can have both, who gives a shit” so I put my arms around this girl, look at her seductively and say “you wanna suck my dick, don’t you…” (she’s just an average looking chick so honestly I didn’t give a shit) and she nodded so I pulled her to the bathroom and told her to get on her knees and suck me off. She did. Then I said, “You’re not the jealous type, right?” ;) And she said, you wanna fuck Jenny huh (the cute Asian chick)” and I said, “yeah. You’re not jealous right?” and she didn’t like this but rationalized “Well, atleast I sucked your dick first” lol so I said cool. We returned to the living room and I returned to the Asian chick on the sofa, trying to move her to my bedroom and isolate her for sex. I finally get her to comply and the latin girl helped me out by calming the rest of the group and keeping them busy. I lead the Asian chick to my bedroom, and have my other room mate leave (I have two room mates in my room, it’s a triple; fucking sucks but whatever I’ll still make shit happen). I’m feeling all over this chick, she’s so fucking horny, biting my lips hard and shit. But she keeps hardly resisting me when I’m trying to take off her panties. She keeps on saying “No, Nate... No!,please Nate…” she’s still moaning and fucking horny as I’m rubbing my left hand over her panties over and over again. But I can’t get past this and I know I only have a certain amount of time. So I just take my dick out and put it to her face and she starts sucking my dick lol. It’s funny to have your dick sucked like 10-15min after another chick sucked it haha. I thought it would be super sensitive and shit but it all worked out ;) So this was fun. But this needs to happen with the hot chicks, not with average or average cute chicks. Still, I’m happy on how I handled the situations, logistics, and obstacles in my way and getting two blowjobs from friends in a span of 20 min from each other lol Right after I cum into her mouth/on her face, her friends knock on the door saying they’re ready to leave. She gets up and goes to leave. I ask for her number but for some reason the Asian girl didn’t give me her number. Weird lol the latin average girl gave me her number lol” What a night.


Anyway, I’m probably the most hard-headed student Manwhore has ever taught, and he got frustrated with me several times throughout the process. I thought he was being an asshole at times, but I was wrong. He sees your true potential and gets furious when you hold yourself back with endless excuses and an imprisoning victim mentality. He got on me because I would go out and approach girls “to dance” and “to get their phone number” but many times this wouldn’t go anywhere. It was because I was pretending to go for the close. I didn’t stay in set long enough many times to really connect with them have solid interactions with them. I wasn’t playing to win.


Another weakness of mine was my lack of awareness of how the girls and other people in general were feeling. I thought being “honest” was being blunt, without worrying about people’s feelings and social standing. Man, I made a fuck ton of mistakes in this area. It was truly incredible lol.


Anyway, I had some rockin’ times too:


I met this really cool and gorgeous chick who works with fucking NASA and slept over but wasn’t able to pull in the morning since I didn’t create the right vibe for it in the end. I want to punch my former self for that mistake lol. Couldn’t believe it!


Another time I met this super hawttttt Brazilian chick who after chatting with her and engaging with her a drill that I learned from Manwhore, ended up totally giggling like a school girl in front of me. Picked her up and she was lovin’ it. Haha I love women J Too bad I wasn’t able to pull her away from her friends, but this interaction as well as many others taught me a lot about this whole “game” with women thing. Coming from a hardcore conservative Christian and home-schooling background, you can imagine I had some issues! Lol.


Another time, I persuaded this cute indian chick I was fucking to invite her best friend into our little circle and have a threesome. That was pretty nice. I swear, there’s nothing in this world like having two cute chicks workshipping your cock. I’m not even exaggerating. Have a threesome. You’ll see what I mean lol.


Anyway, I took a break from coaching because I was immature and took Manwhore’s criticism very personally. But the core of what he was telling me was true. I didn’t like what he said but I couldn’t argue with the truth. I did a TON of action-faking and I wasn’t consistent with some of the key drills I needed to do.


I went along on my own path during my time at UCSB, and learned a lot on my own. But all the lessons I learned afterward were built on the foundation Manwhore had me start on.




Here is a recent report that I sent Manwhore regarding my life right now:


“…I've kept up with Tolle for the most part, which has been one of the most influential keys you've passed onto me. So I thank you for that - it has opened my eyes to how much emotional baggage I've accumulated over my lifetime and by entering into the now, all of that just falls away...Without Tolle, I most likely would have sabotaged or hurt important relationships in my life that mean a lot to me. It has allowed me to move into the direction and mentality of a more mature dude. I still have a lot of things to work on, but Tolle has definitely helped…


Presence development has been changing my life, man. It's simply incredible. I came in looking for one thing - the alternative "Hugh Hefner" lifestyle (which I'm still pursuing in the long-run ;)) - and came out realizing with your guidance that I needed to regain control over my mind and my emotions first - mature, before I could achieve that goal. Consequently, I can stop sabotaging myself and my relationships with wonderful, gorgeous women (and anyone close to me) with my newfound awareness and presence. I really needed this, because I've accumulated a lot of pain, fear, and nervous tension in my body throughout my life, and have unconsciously propagated it in my present life and projected it onto myself and my intimate relationships. Now, with my newfound presence, I am aware of my painbody and can just "watch it" and not be it, anymore. It is truly freeing…


Obviously could have done better by finishing up your program, but a time machine doesn't exist so I'll take the lessons out of that. Lol.


Before leaving UCSB, I ended up seeing this girl named Christy. (In fact, she's enjoyed some satisfaction in asking me a billion questions while I attempt to write and finish up this email response to you :) Lol.) Anyway, I met her while I was fucking a few other chicks at the time. Cutting a long story short, she caught feelings for me and I eventually caught feelings for her - something rare for us both lol. Nowadays, she's in love with me and I love her. She wants me to be her boyfriend but I told her from the very beginning what I was all about, and I'm not ready to settle down now. We're really close and have enjoyed many great memories together. But the Hugh Hefner in me is still very much alive Lol. She's not fond of that part of me... to say the least lol. Despite that, we had a threesome with one of her best friends. That was fun. Although I think her best friend was the one who really enjoyed it... I've never seen a girl launch off the bed out of intense pleasure and bite her best friend's (my girl's) pussy. Lol. It's been great though, Christy loves me so much she'll just randomly drop to her knees and suck my dick and worship it lol. Actually to think of it I think she initiates sex with me more than I do! Lol


It's been hard sometimes. So many guys are hitting on her, asking her out, trying to take her away from me. I swear like half of the UCSB Powerlifting Team is trying to get at her while I’m away! It's truly tested my inner strength lol. Man, like Tolle says: everything comes out to the light in an intimate relationship! That said, she's growing more and more in love with me but I honestly can't stop looking at the hawties that walk by me Lol. I love her, but gawd, how does any man enter into a monogamous relationship! Haha. I've slowed down a lot of my flirting with other girls for her. But being completely honest with myself, I'll eventually have to get out there again and focus on honing my lady-killer skills once again and slay some more beautiful bitches that the world has to offer ;)


Becoming intimate with Christy has taught me a lot about myself. And about the feminine. Everything Tolle talks about concerning intimate relationships has come up. It's amazing how right on the dot he is. That audiobook you sent me is the shit. 


Here are a few pictures of us - attached below. She's a cutie and an amazing girl. I still need to get to that high level of a lack of insecurities and complete ease and charisma with the most beautiful bitches out there. But I'm grateful for my intimate experience with her. 


Eventually, I'd like to continue and finish your program. Before, I did a lot of action-faking and didn't fully commit to the program. I regret that. But I am thankful for the lessons I did learn. However, right now, I'm focusing on getting my shit together, mainly the money side of the equation. I need to be on my own. Thanks for your patience with me during our time together. Keep changing lives man, that shit is fire.



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Fuck, man. I just transferred in UCSB this quarter. It is really good to hear your story. I am taking John's training just now, and I think I am more messed up than you, but it is kind hard to admit.

Do you have any tips on which fraternity to join?

thank you anyway.


Breath technique is no different from fidgeting.

Making a voice, not a sound.

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Its always refreshing to read

Its always refreshing to read a sick ass testimonial like this. Kudos to your successes man. Jon is a great guy and dope ass coach.

Yeah man, that girl you mentioned ain't leaving you for a long time. Powerlifting ain't shit. You're a rockstar.

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Hi, Dyne. As I stated above,

Hi, Dyne. As I stated above, I am in UCSB right now, and I am taking MW training right now too.I am just starting.

I am wondering where you go for infield homework. I go to Wildcat lounge because they do not charge cover there most of the days, and they open every night. Do you have something better than Wildcat lounge? If you have, would you please reply to me or email me at [email protected] for your discretion? I would really appreciate that. All chicks in wildcat lounge are pretty ADHD after I launched the verbal state drills to talk to them.....LOL.

Thank you.


Breath technique is no different from fidgeting.

Making a voice, not a sound.

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My recommendations

Hey man, what's up. Bro you're gonna have fun. As long as you take my words into account.

1. FIRST, build a solid social circle. Imo don't worry about picking up chick the first month. Build your social circle of awesome, attractive guys and girls that you can have a motherfucking BLAST with. DO NOT GAME YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE. You'll most likely hurt your reputation. Trust me, I made that mistake a few times lol. Game chicks AT parties/downtown UCSB clubs. But FIRST build your social circle man, trust me, that's even more important at the beginning. 

2. Join a social fraternity as long as you can keep up with your course work. Sig nu, Sig pi, ATO, and Sig ep are the top social fraternities. After that is AEPi the jewish frat - they're more likely to accept transfers, but knowing what I know now, I'd go for one of the top 4 I mentioned above.

3. As to your other comment, Wildcat, Indoshine, and EOS were my favorites. You mentioned chicks at Wildcat are ADHD... you're incorrect, most chicks act ADHD in the club environment, you must project authority onto them and have them comply to your lead - lead them outside in the back where you can actually talk to them and exercise your verbal drills. You can't talk to them inside the club, atleast not well. So bring them outside then chat them up. Feel free to email me at:   . I check this forum periodically.

4. Oh yeah, really put your heart into this training. And LISTEN to that audiobook Jon has you listen to UNDISTRACTED. Listen to it ALL the time. I didn't do this as I should have and reaped the consequences. 

Kill it, B

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Haha thanks man.

I still have a fuck ton to learn but I have certainly improved in many aspects. Lol you're right, this chick is straight up in love with me, it's an amazing feeling when a quality girl deeply and utterly adores you and looks up at you in such admiration. Love it. Yeah, those powerlifting guys are no match for me ;) haha back at cha bro

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Thanks, dude. These tips have been extremely helpful. There is really no way to say it, but Thank you.


Breath technique is no different from fidgeting.

Making a voice, not a sound.