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So my father is trying to get me involved with multi level marketing thing... and the basic idea behind the business model is:

- you pay one time membership of 30 eur 

- you seek out other people to sign up and the more you got involved, the more you get paid

- you don't advertise any type of product , you advertise the company by bringing more people into it.

- the company hosts lectures periodically with the intention of getting more people to sign up

Were any of you guys ever approached with this type of offer? It seems fishy as fuck to me. When I asked him if he ever made any real cash that he held in his hand from this, I could tell the answer was no by the way he responded. Then he said that it's best to keep the "cash" sitting to max the benefits.

I know people can make money with marketing.. but this type of bullshit that any housewife can do raises the fuck outta my red flags.

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No man it's awful. You don't

No man it's awful. You don't even have a good product to sell? Gtfo


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That's exactly what I told

That's exactly what I told him. It's total bullshit

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MLM is nothing more than a

MLM is nothing more than a pyramid scheme with a legal loophole that gives each person their own business so they can technically make money on their own while still being within the pyramid hierarchy. It turns people into soulless annoying beggars trying to get everyone and their dog (usually family and friends) to either buy from them or become a distributor so they can enter the pyramid below them. They usually have some mediocre over hyped products to sell and even though you have your own business it's never designed to be profitable because there's so much competition. (everyone in the pyramid is selling the same products)

What you described above isn't even MLM because there's no product and each individual doesn't have their own company/website. That's a straight up pyramid scheme right there bro. And it's illegal.