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More Examples Of What I'm Dealing With - Flakey Cold Approach Girls

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Girl #1

Met this girl at a target too lmao Real Target Dynamics baby!! :p

Told this girl in the army she was cute but the approach was super gay and I wasn't feeling it that day so I left. A week later, I see her at a bar on her phone. I didn't know it was her but she looked super familiar. Approached her and she has this look on her face like we've met before. We talk for about 10min and she won't let go of my hand, is enraptured by my awesomeness and brings up that she thinks she met me at Target but isn't sure.

I totally sell her on the fact that it couldn't of been me because I'm way too awesome blah blah. (Obviously the hypnosis I did beforehand worked :p)

I get her number, seed icecream, and she tells me she's going to a trip to Utah for a week. Kewl.

*30min later

Me: Cutest girl ive met not at a target yet lol - Jihad
Her: It was 100% target, im sure
Me: whatever u say pumpkin ;P
Me: Crashing for the night babylove. Safe travels & behave yourself. Till we grab froyo ;)

*Next day

Me: Sitting at work bored as a blind kid how you doing boo

*3 Days later

Me: Gawd im so done w this whole "stopping" at red lights thing. They'll be giving me police escorts soon

*Next Day

Me: Hope the grizzlies didn't eat u, they can be frisky this time of year
Me: Saw on the news their diets changed too, only short blondes satisfy their appetite now...
Me: Ahh you'll be fine im sure! ;P

*2days later

Me: Its fine i didn't like your haircut anways


Damn it these hoes are kicking my ass. Maybe she doesn't believe me about the target thing? 
That or my cold approach game is weak and awesome text game can't make up for it?

I totally feel like THIS is the sticking point. My txt game is miles ahead of my cold approach game and maybe girls are sensing an incongruency in that?

Gimme ya feedback holesm

Girl #2

Met this girl at a bar when I was walking home. I initiate convo with one of her 3 girlriends first because I didn't even notice she was hotter lol. As I'm talking to one of her friends, her fat manatee of a friend tells me to GTFO. I stare at her instilling the fear of god in her for a 3 seconds and resume talking to the other girl as if it was a fart in the wind.

My age comes up and the fat manatee, the girl I was talking to, and the two guys they were with start calling me baby and making stabs at my beard. I'm totally unphased by it, don't make a single comment, stare at them all till the dust settles, and go, "Ya". 

I turn my head and finally come face to face with the hottest girl of the group. The 3rd girl of the three who was with their entire group of 2 guys and 3 girls.

I go through formalities with her, talk about her race, and she asks my age again.. Then the guys chime in again and try to roast me on it again. I finally take a stand and go "Don't talk about age with me you're wearing flip flops in a bar dude." 

All the girls laugh their asses off and the guys start qualifying themselves super hard and for the rest of the interaction are trying to revalidate themselves with me. Hehe..not today fuckers.

The girl I have my eyes set out for is SUPER into me now and is literally grabbing me and trying to get me to come over the fence to sit with her. She is super hands on to where all her friends back off and have the facial expressions of "Ya, this guy isn't to be messed with. We have to let our hot lil fairy go this time."

I do some mini conviction drills, get her number and bounce.

I fucking should've pulled I know. It was gay of me not to. I was on the mindset of going home so I got the number and bounced. GAH!

Anyways, I seed froyo, show her the text I was gonna send and bounce

Me: Cutest girl i've met on a street corner yet - Jihad

(This was the text I showed her before sending and she kinda glances at it and goes "Oh" with no real reaction. I'm sure she was flattered internally, cause what girl wouldn't?! And probably didn't know how to express in the moment)

*1hr later

Me: Hey beb, whatsup. Hows your night without my sexy beard? Sad im guessing ;)

*Nothing. Meh not my best text.

*Next day

Me: Gawd im so done with this whole "stopping" at red lights thing. They'll be giving me police escorts soon.
Her: Hahaha red lights are a bitch. Sorry for the lag in response. How have you been?
Me: Woke up with a little cold
Me: The doctors say it could be terminal unless a cute korean girl nurses me back to health

*5hours later

Me: *cough cough
me: its already starting to set in...


Gawd damn! You guys see what I'm dealing with? What's going on here? Was it cause I didn't take initiative and pull her that night? That's my only conclusion.

Now you see my dilemma :(

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Seems like you're using the

Seems like you're using the same texts with all these chicks. This is a long shot but you may not be coming off congruent and need to start making all of your texts original and see where that goes. I know you're trying to be efficient but maybe that's the problem. I know I feel more empowered when I write new awesome texts on the spot and use past knowledge as a back bone, it's always more personalized and honest. 

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Keep on pushing mang. My game

Keep on pushing mang. My game has been feeling like it's on the decline lately too, go back and read you're old shit and get things back on track.

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Ah truuu

Ah truuu

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Read all my old text reports

Read all my old text reports and was mind blown lmao!! Could not believe my eyes by some of the shit I said HA! Definitely going to channel my creativity again and start coming up with shit on the fly.

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
i do feel like something is

i do feel like something is in the air....that text about being nursed back to health + the follow up *cough *cough one was dynamite! How'd she not respond?!

This has been happening with practically all of my cold approaches recently; English major girl, girl from cheddar's parking lot, bars, street corners etc. etc.

Tinder has even been beign gay cause they like to slow down the ultra pimps on there and it's hard to decipher between girls who are on their for validation or if you should waste your time coming up with something clever to re-engage them. Bonkers mate.

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Meh fuck it. These girls are

Meh fuck it. These girls are lame af not doubt about it. I'm awesome niggas.

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It's the solar flares mang

It's the solar flares mang and the radioactivity in the air thats fuckin it all up LOL 

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Last night I went out got

Last night I went out got blown out a bunch told some dude to go fuck himself got obnoxiously high by accident (some strong fuckin weed) went home and ate some rice cakes. We all have our down days lol. 

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Rice cakes lol

Rice cakes lol