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Met this girl on a train ride home. We work in the same hospital, but vastly different departments. Convo was good. Here’s the texting.


Me:Yo, it was a fun train ride. Glad I didn’t see your extra arms.

Her: Haha, yes. Keep cool and we won’t have to bring Goro into this.

Me: Pssh, I’ll be bringing the heat ;)

Me: If Goro coms I’ll subzero him an animality his ass

Me: Now time for breakfast…

Later that day

Me: Yo, you celebrating pride today?

Her: Unfortunately not. I’m due at  a friend’s goodbye party party in the East Bay.

Me: Ha. Don’t sound so excited.

Me: I’m just hoping my buddies don’t flake, but I get that feeling…

Her: That did look very unenthusiastic in text =P. Hope your friends don’t flake! That shit sucks.

Me: Yeah espec when you’re 3 weeks new to a city

Her: Unfortunately they say that’s a common occurrence in this area

Me: Haha, just showed up at pride, to find out it’s over. Clearly the master of timing, lol.

Next Day

Me: Fortunately one of my friends came through and fun was had.

Me: How was your fiesta?

Next day

Her: It was good! Sorry for the late reply. I don’t text much. Glad you were able to still see some friends Saturday.

Me: Yeah, np. What are you up to today after work?

Her: We have a coworker who is leaving this week, so we’re doing an outing with her.

(Got busy with some work bullshit, so didn’t text back)

Next day

Me: was gonna txt back but shit came up

Me: was gonna see if you wanted to get destroyed at mortal kombat and pool, but this will have to wait

Me: Depends on if you get lost taking the tube.

Her: How? Your favorite character is Subzero.

Her: I will try not to get lost! Thank you.

Next Day(she’s already left for London for the next week or so at this point)

Me: No worries, my shear iciness will break you into submission

One week later(thought she returned from her trip)

Me: Yo, you better have been rooting for the right team. Otherwise, things are about to hit subzero temp

Few days later

Me: I’m so over this traffic thing. Soon they’ll be building freeways for me.

Her: Hehe, you got some Dr. Evil plans or something?

Me: Always

Me: Was gonna rob ghiradelli tnt or tmrw, but need a worthy accomplice.

Me: Can you handle that?

Her: lol… well, not tnt unfortunately. I’m already in the east bay, but possibly tmrw. Can I let you know once I figure out my work schedule tmrw?

Next Day

Me: Sure, let me know.

Later that day

Me: Pigeon just came and stole my food. Never wanted to kill an animal so badly.

Her: Don’t hold it against him, he has no money to buy his own food.

Her: It looks like my work schedule is quite dense this week. I know you are here for a limited time but I’m under pressure for a manuscript. I hope other friends are free to rob ice cream sundaes w you.

[wasn’t sure how to respond,  tried to not sound butthurt, yet make her wish she had the time]

Me: Sure, but now the victory spoils of mikes hard and sundaes will be shared w my pet hamster at home next week

Me: Enjoy paper writing


Don’t know if there is anyway to inspire a meetup, it could just be  a logistical thing. However, in general I don’t really feel I inspire girls to meetup like bateman or Buddha( I’d love to get to their level) It feels like all the stars have to lineup just to get a meetup.

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Start calling girls and

Start calling girls and leaving voice mails/talking on the phone. Yes it's apparent you're not hitting strong enough to inspire a meetup. Calling her will have the desired punch. Lol 


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