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Most Men Would NEVER Approach In This Situation

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I found myself in a funny predicament. I was in yoga today and I sat next to this girl. Warmed her up before class started. Anyways throughout the class I move into a position and ripped a HUGE fart. All I did was chuckle a little, and continued what I was doing.

After class I approached her again like it meant nothing to me and I couldn't care what she felt about me.

I grabbed her number and this girl has been super receptive to my texts. Planned a meet up for tonight. HAHA

The point of me saying this is reinforce that it doesn't matter what you do. Be unapologetic. Be human. Be you. Be

People will appreciate you for whatever quirks you have. In my case today my sporadic farting hahah

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yeah, it's all about being

yeah, it's all about being present. sometimes i go to run errands without properly showering. so i have greasy hair and shit... and i still approach sometimes. sometimes i get a number, sometimes i get a disgusted look but in general it's a good training of not giving a fuck. 

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Lol. That is so you

Lol. That is so you


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lmao nice. Bonus points if

lmao nice. Bonus points if you shart yourself next time.

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My housemate eats ice cream

My housemate eats ice cream with girls. He's not supposed to eat it. He's lactose intolerant. What does he do?

Pulls the Dutch oven on them in bed later that night. SMH

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No Excuses

Maybe this chic is turned on by that shit