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MW, Patrick.Bateman, Jack.Ruby, Pottedflowers and anyone else with a deep understanding of textgame

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So I wanted to build a little discussion on the mindset of texting girlies, when you KNOW they like you, but for whatver reason (maybe just bc they're girls) it's kind of a hard time getting them out.

I literally have countless examples of this. Pretty much every day, I meet at the very least at least one girl that hooks. I was just at Ralph's and got 2 numbers. The first girl was with her mom and her aunt and I had them all cracking up and her mom was like "take his number". the second girl was in the sandwhich line and had anime eyes, although at the point where I steered the conversation into grabbing a hot chocolate with her, she got noticeably nervous and said ok sure... and started to walk away. I think she probably thought I was TOO smooth, or I hadn't qualified/complimented her before hand possibly

Anyway, my thing is, I'm texting all these girls. I know for a fact that they are/ atleast were into me when we met. These are all girls I've been physical with, have verbalized that they like me (tell me I'm amazing, that I'm so cool, that we have to hang out later etc.) But the thing is, and obviously a lot of guys are dealing with this too--- These girls are just so flakey. I understand that this is the nature of women and that's the game that we're playing here. But You guys -- Manwhore, Patrick Bateman, Jack Ruby, Potted Flowers, Infinity, and I'm sure there are more of you on this forum that I forgot to include, seem like you have a very high success rate of turning these solid numbers into meetups. Whereas for me, I feel as if the definite majority of numbers are solid, but the literal conversion into meetup hasn't been

I've been thinking lately that this has to do with the frame behind where the texts are coming from, or possibly, the congruence of what you text and how the interaction went. I understand that this is not an easy thing to break down but I'm wondering if you guys would be so kind as to share what you feel made a "breakthrough" for you when it came to your texting, or what your mindset is, how you come up with the correct "distractions" from the meetup aka "Yo are you gonna be ready by 8 are we even doing this. I'm warning you I'll eat these cheesy curly fries by myself" or talking about your batsuit...

Just anything you guys think could help all the guys out there like myself, APGrappler, and pretty much the rest of the guys on this forum

this is a short convo with a girl who I met on Tuesday and was planning on coming over today. Tried to pull her that night but she was with her mom, so we agree on thursday

her: Arianna *emoji kiss* (I sent that)

me: Have a safe drive home boo

her: Thank you

her: See you thurs.

I call her on Wednesday she calls me back since shes having dinner and says shes gonna call me back after. I call her 3 hrs later we talk on the phone for 30 min she's laughing, asks me if I'm going to flake on her, tells me she can make me dinner cuz she likes to cook, then says she has to go

I call her at 1pm today her tonality is very feminine. She says she doesnt know whats up with her but that she had coffee, redbull, and took caffeine pills but feels super tired lol. tell her I'm getting a haircut and she should plan to come over around 3:30-4. She says ok and to text her the address

me: address

her: Alex, lets reschedule.. I want to be feeling more up.

me: I don't mind. I was gonna suggest we do something chill like watch a movie, maybe naptime

her: I do. Let's do something this weekend!

So I'm thinking of saying:

me: Alright muffinbottom I require extra care for day-of cancellations. We'll figure it out. How's Saturday 

Is this the right direction? I want these girls to know that I'm not okay with this flakey shit. Without being butthurt about it. Is it a good idea to be giving them a choice (tomorrow or Saturday) or to just suggest one day?

Bare in mind I am not coming at this from a needy frame. I meet new girls every day. I'm really just trying to understand how this stuff works, and build a discussion that guys can get value from. And maybe even you advanced guys can gain deeper understandings of why what you do works, that you could further benefit from.

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I def don't have a "deep

I def don't have a "deep understanding of text game" lol. But it looks like she's down to meet up with you. Like really down. Have some persistence dude. It also seems like you are transferring prior experiences with flakey girls onto this one. BIG MISTAKE. Don't do that.

What I'm saying is, I wouldn't get any sand in my panties here. Personally I assume that people are telling me the truth and don't stress a teensy tiny bit about whether they are or not. That kind of behavior isn't even in my reality. Send her something along the lines of, "So what are you cooking on Saturday?"

...assume it's on.


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I see this from both sides. I

I see this from both sides. I hate flaking too bro,it's funny the ones I really like are always flaking.. Well not always but a good amount of time. It could be for a number of reasons! I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. It's tough trying to hook them for a long time I find when they are hot, sometimes schedules clash and what not.

I also agree with Infinity how you gotta always assume that "it's on". I been trying not to compare girls to the past ones I've had so that there is no biases on my part and so that I'm able to give them the benefit of the doubt.

but I feel you dude, hate flaking.. But it's expected


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@Infinity Dude thanks for the

@Infinity Dude thanks for the reply.

Your point about transferring previous experiences onto the present is KEY.  You absolutely cannot allow the past to "taint" the now so to speak. But this takes an extreme amount of focus and discipline. You have to weed these negative thoughts out consistently. Treating your mind like a garden and weeding it whenever these thoughts come up

Take Leonardo DiCaprio for example. I'm sure most times he's made up his mind that he wants a certain woman. He gets her. Because his external value is so high (outer world)--> it in turn effects his internal value (inner world) and the cycle repeats. The relationship may or may not last long but he did catch her for that period of time. This builds up his confidence and makes him that much more on point for the next woman that interests him (Easy for him to keep his garden clean because the weeds--in this context of his life-- simply have no cause for growth)

(Ultimately in his case I believe his inner belief in himself was so strong that he was able to manifest his external status in life to what it currently is, regardless of whether he had some "luck" on the way there)

For us, since we don't go into interactions with insane amounts of Value out the ass before we even open our mouths, we may speak to 100 women before we actually catch one. And our game could still be really tight, but we have to hit the pavement harder because it's like a mortal having to showcase that he is infact godly, rather than Zeus coming down from heaven and offering his seed to mortal women (because someone like Leonardo DiCaprio does have that kind of status in the modern day world)

We absolutely cannot, under NO circumstances, allow the "99 rejections" effect our self esteem and attitude about the success we are undoubtedly going to have with the next woman we speak to

Infinity wrote:
Personally I assume that people are telling me the truth and don't stress a teensy tiny bit about whether they are or not. That kind of behavior isn't even in my reality. 

This is very interesting. I'm guessing that the reason you don't care about whether they're telling you the truth is because it has no effect on you in this context. Like if a girl says she's busy... obviously I see why there would be no reason to trip about it ALL. Once again it would seem that keeping this kind of behavior outside of your reality is the key here. Not allowing those "99 flakes" to even impact your thought about the woman you're currently talking to in the slightest, and knowing that she wants to see you

I'd like to say here that Infinity, and anyone else who is able to do this on a consistent basis, including the guys who I mentioned in the title of this post, is in posession of true power. I know when I'm about to speak to a woman/while I'm speaking to her that she is going to fucking feel me. And 99% of the time she does, although she may not be sexually available to me at the moment, she will be flattered, blush, most likely giggle, and I will have made an impact on her regardless of what happens afterwards

The thing with texting is that it's so much less personal, you're not there with the person sensing their energy in the way that you do face to face. I know if I say something to her in person that I can tell wasn't the right way I should be getting at her, I will immediately switch my conversation up. You can't do this over text, and there's a time gap, so your mind will play tricks on you, making you think you were getting at her the wrong way, or "fucked it up" when really you have no idea what's going on in her life/head and frankly it should not concern you anyway.

In texting, Rather than being able to cut off any felt negatvitity in the moment by changing your conversation, you must replace the negative thought with a positive thought. Otherwise your negative thoughts may start to swell/fester, and doubt will creep in. ((This is why it is imperative to really gain control over your thoughts, and think in the way being described here. otherwise these insidious negatives can literally infect not only your texting, but creep into other areas of your life) becasue thoughts have a way of attracting thoughts of the same nature/frequency, regardless of what subject they're attached to)

---((She may text you back way later, and if you did hit her in a way which doesnt fit her blueprint, your only option over text is to try again by offering value at a later point in time)--but once again this should have ZERO impact on the way you feel about yourself)

^^ If any of you guys who really "get" this want to add to this that would be amazing.

I want the guys on here to know that the ability to do what Infinity is saying (and what I've fleshed out) is actually necessary to last in this game and really be great

Also, do not allow my language or analogies get in the way of understanding the information here.

this is exactly the type of discussion I wanted to have, because I truly believe these inner beliefs are paramount to advanced high level game.

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Dude this girl wants you so

Dude this girl wants you so bad she's actually tripping out. Like she's actually feeling butterflies and is actually scared to meet up. Good job bro. HAHAHA! It happens. If you read some of my old text convos you read where I put a super disqualifying text in there. That's what it's for. I'm trying to completely remove the pressure 'cuz girls are scared and you gotta make them feel alright. Let me try to find some examples, derp: 

Me - 1 min later: Bebe whats yer address Im gonna shoot over there. I look like shit lol hope you dont mind 

She needed to hear that. She even made a similar comment right as I was sending that one. This example has been repeated across dozens of convos. 

I also "walk them" over. E.g. as they're on their way I'll ask them dumb questions like what sort of ice cream they like or whatever. 

My "Stripper Threesome" lay report is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.. I've already hinted at a threesome and I'm figuring they could be getting cold feet, mind you this is 2009 when threesomes aren't really part of the typical public consciousness like they are now, so I'm sending them little "feeler" texts to see what's up:

I have a bottle of wine here you might want more 

Something like that is of course assuming they're on their way over, because they should be, but also making her think about already being over here and making plans concerning it. E.g. should she bring more wine or not. TONS of examples like this as well. SUPER common to send something like this right during the crux. It keeps shit relevant, keeps the girl's mind off potential awkwardness, and gives them something to think about as they're getting ready/ on their way over. As mentioned before.. girls are fickle bishes. You have to feed them carrots constantly. Imagine if Elliot had not laid a trail of skittles.. E.T. would NEVER have gotten home.  The below are all separate convos but all examples of those "clincher" texts. 

Me - 24 mins later: Are you close. Ill probly just skate out there and meet you at gate ; ). Its the bella vita complex. Youre on gate list but I have key card 

Me - 3 mins later: You can come eat mine its butterfinger. Damn. Ya if you're still down rent INSIDIOUS lol and head over. No funny business tho young lady ; b

Me - 2 mins later: Nice! K babe I've got raspberry vodka n some brewskies if you want anything else pick it up. 

And if you've made "plans" with a girl but they're still potentially tenuous.. 

Me - 1 hr 21 mins later: Hey pumpkin let me know when youre on your way. Do you even know where youre going lol 

Also read the text convo in this lay report. This chick went to church every Sunday you can see the progression right there:


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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Joined: 01/18/2012

I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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MW that response was amazing!

MW that response was amazing! Super high value. I hope this is going right in the ebook :D 

You could even just add a section of the best threads and link out to them. I learned so much just reading this!