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My analysis of rom com About Time. A rom com for beta males.

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This is a romcom, but I feel this movie is meant for beta males, and the women who date them. It's basically about a guy who can travel through time, and it plays a big role in his romantic life because that's mainly what he uses to trick girls into liking him. This is my analysis of what is assumed about the reality in which the movie is set in. 

-Commonalities = attraction. In the movie the guy uses time travel to find out what interests the women have, study them, and then mention those interests when he goes back in time to meet them again. That's the reason why the main character was able to get with McAdam's character. 

-You got to either have fantastic coincidences, or trick women into being attracted to you. That's basically how all the 'good' attraction happens. Only bad men can attract women with without coincidences or, tricks to make it seem like a coincidence. See next point. 

-If you can get attraction without too much difficulty, you're a bad guy. In the movie it shows that the guy who dated the main characters' sister was made out to be a bad guy, although they don't really show him doing/being anything bad except that he was able to date another girl easily if he didn't date her. There was a scene where if he didn't meet MCs sister, he just got with a different girl, and that scene was set up to show that was an evil thing, made more obvious when the sister punched him in the face and that's her heroic moment. Which leads to the next point. 

-Women shouldn't date attractive men, otherwise they turn into alcoholics who get into car accidents. Instead, they should date the unattractive beta males, like the MCs friend, who his sister ends up dating, which leads her to her wonderful life. 

It was a fun movie to watch, but it's the kind of movie that might have fucked up my perceptions if I watched it as a teen. 

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Ouch. Yeah I was pretty blown

Ouch. Yeah I was pretty blown away when I heard Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling actually fought the entire time on the set of The Notebook. She's mesmerizing to watch but clearly she doesn't agree with the sappiness either. Ha! 

Actually I haven't seen either movie so I can't say too much, but she was probably my favorite part of the Sherlock Holmes series with Iron Man. 


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Haven't seen that one yet,

Haven't seen that one yet, gotta check it out. I loved her performance in About Time. 

I love watching popular rom coms because you get somewhat of a beat on how people generally precieve romance. On reddit, I saw About Time recommended a lot (probably by a ton of guys) so I gave it try.