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My usual spot in Toronto is grace o'maley's. Gracies.

Literally what works best is when I go up to a group and literally just throw my arms over two of the girls and just make a decent scene, pretending we're like BFF's. After a few minutes I'm like "haha what's up i'm gregory". Then I'll like joke around with the group for a few minutes, figure out how they know eachother, learn what I can, then make moves on the girl i'm into. This usually means pulling the girl for a drink or something then dance floor.

But yah, if you haven't tried this approach it's killer. You just have to fucking sell it and be present.

"Omg! I fucking love you guys. Come here. Wait, do you not remember me? I'm fucking with you, what's up I'm patrick."

This is great if you're appracohing two girls and you don't want the bitchy friend to pull your girl away. Pretend like you're close friends. That you guys went to kindergarten together and she would always steal your lunches. 

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Exactly how i met my gf ;)

Exactly how i met my gf ;)