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My girl described the best sex we have ever had last night

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This one caught me by surprise. She dubbed it "mountain sex"

We went on a nice hike up this mountain with some huge cliff views. Long story short, she gave me a blowjob while I had an incredible view for MILES, but it was really tough to find a place to bang that she was comfortable with. We end up just walking back to the car. I had some plans for later so I was going to just drop her off at her car. I could tell she really wanted to get fucked so I teased her a bit to make next time even juicier. I want into this hilarious monologue that went something like this:

"Aww it's a shame we don't have time for sex tonight. You're going to go home all dick deprived. How are you going to handle that dinner with the HUGE MEAT BALLS and the FIRM AND TASTY SAUSAGES all up in your mouth, without thinking about me? Yeah your mouth is just going to be watering becuase of those balls and suasages, and that pasta that is so moist and slippery"

Next thing I know I get a text that my plans are cancelled. I drop her off at her car and when she is about to get in I invite her to come inside and fuck her. Apparently the whole meat balls thing really got her going!

Chicks are weird

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Lol chicks are weird? That

Lol chicks are weird? That was all you baby ;)


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