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Hello everyone,

Just want to introduce myself here. I really like the forum so far and am interested in the training as well as monthly membership. Just read the recent sticky thread about it. I took some years off of self development in this area to work on my passion in life, but I think its time to start really pushing foward in this area of again. Im looking to offer as much knowledge I can to you guys as well. I still game when out, I just don't make it my primary focus in life. Now I want to devote some more attention to it. I really feel like doing this will generate alot of passion in my life that I am currently missing. I definitely have pushed the boundaries of growth in this area and feel somewhat comfortable and confident with women but there seems to be something missing. Given the opportunity to hang out with someone on a consistent basis I feel as though an awesome girl would really enjoy their time with me. I just haven't done whats necessary to get her there. At this point, I'm getting older and I don't want to waste any more time, and its time to start making going full throttle because I don't want to miss out on the experiences I could be having. I'm not a depressed person but am pretty alone and no longer want to be!

I have a good wing that has been helping me improve and would love to share that sort of stuff on here because I think it could really help.

Where I'm at:

Currently not dating anyone. Went on a few dates recently that in my mind went pretty well. I'll post some threads about my experiences. I definitley feel as though that what I have to offer is great and that I should be killing it in this area of life.

What I currently lack that I am looking to improve:

- Getting rid of fear of confrontation! I would say this has probably hampered my goals the most in life. I am afraid subconciously or insecure that I don't push things to where they are supposed to go or to the fullest extent in social interactions. Basically I half ass it at times. I think that there may be some mental block holding me back in this area.

- Boosting self confidence and getting rid of any left over insecurities I may have

- Not going out or dating enough has left me pretty needy

- generate sexual tension through non verbal or physical communication. My text game is pretty bad. I'm not a texter and definitely am looking for some guidance in this area

- more sex, I'm an artist and a passionate person and want to give that connection and enjoy it as well

- I'm just a general seeker of knowledge so love growing in any area of life that helps me understand myself as well as others better

I'm looking to start a plan for myself for going out and improving. Any advice on some things I can do or daily goals to get me going? I was thinking of doing a 30 day one approach a day sort of thing during my non going out hours.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Looking to add some cool friends here. 

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There are LOTS of "good guys"

There are LOTS of "good guys" out there still holding their dicks in their hands day in day out. It takes dedicated effort to learning how to talk to women powerfully and attractively. To actually bring out your best self. Good intentions aren't even gonna get you in the door. But if you're ready then yes you can make it happen. I've actually got a professionally successful musician in the program right now gonna ask him if he can drop a line in here. 


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Hey Valentino, I'm almost at

Hey Valentino,

I'm almost at the end of my training with MW.

I can see some similarities with my own challenges. 

Fear of confrontation: The training helped me understand that this kind of fear or anxiety is unfounded. Leadership is what they want from us and it's something we can provide very naturally and congruently. The training teaches this both on an intellectual level and also in a practical way so that you find yourself doing the behaviour automatically.

Self-confidence: For me a lot of this is fixed by having mindset and plan that you know works. I'm now more relaxed and trusting of how I interact with women. I know what to work on moving forward in order ot keep improving.

Not going out enough: You'll definitly have to motivate yourself to put in the work. MW can kick your ass and hold you to account but you have to put in effort in order to make the most of each training session and keep progressing.

Tension, texting etc: MW has specific practical training on this front.

I can relate to wanting to connect with women and I'm also an artist. MW's teachings help you express yourself even better and if you have something in your life that you are passionate about then all the better because you'll have an inner resource as it were that serves you. From speaking to MW I get the sense that many men aren't used to expressing themselves at all so as an artist you have an advantage. There are already women responding to you but you're not picking up on it. In a couple of situations MW pointed out that I was only getting in my own way and that they had expectations of me as a creative person, I just needed to follow through on it.

If you have any questions let me know. I'm travelling at the moment so might not be able to get back to you straight away, but I will.

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Thanks for the input. Glad to

Thanks for the input. Glad to see another musician on here. I played guitar for years but am now composing deep house and some techno.  I'm currently trying to get to a point where I can make some money with it but currently have a good job I'm not ready to leave yet.

I should say I do go out alot probably should have re-worded my initial post. I haven't been actively dating alot and am only now starting to go out with chicks more. I would say I go out 2-3 nights a week. Music is progressing but moving slow. I got my first gig coming up so excited about that and finally finishing some tracks.

I definitely feel like I am my worst enemy at times. I get pretty positive responses from girls when not approaching, I know its myself holding me back. I usually have pretty good interactions with chicks when I could get enough time with them. I believe just anyone hanging out with me would probably be into me. I have a pretty cool life and think of myself as doing some awesome things. For me I think its mostly the initial stages where I'm lacking the most. When it comes to confrontation there are certain social interactions that I hold myself back on. Not necessarily the actual approach or making a move but say something like "asking someone to come back to your place" or "putting a friend in their place" or "telling a family member how you feel about something" Basically anything where I feel as though I would make the opposing party uncomfortable or "feel bad" in any way. The more posts I write the better examples I can give.

Im interested in the training I just owe the IRS some money lol, so maybe in a month or so. I just signed up for the membership though so interested in sifting through all of that.

When it comes to low self esteem I am pretty far off from where I used to be but sometimes I feel like the massive results I didn't get so far is proof that there may still be some barriers up. Its more of a case of catching myself at a subconcious level not feeling as though I'm congruent with who I want to be. I also have been meditating alot because I feel like this stuff is really deep in my subconscious and is going to take a good amount of work to get to the bottom of it. I don't know if anyone here looks into dreams so much but thats evidence for me that there still is work to do. Many of my dreams are fear based and very vivid. 

I'm interested in becoming more creative than I am. I am musical but sometimes feel as though I am too mathematical. What are some things you do to open up yourself cretativley?