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TESTIMONIAL: My Review of Manwhore's Training Program: Life Changing

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Want to start off by saying I am so glad I took Manwhore’s Training!

It all started back in July. I had just taken 6 weeks off of pick up after constant grinding for two years. In those two years I had gone from completely scared of girls, would shake just having a conversation with girls at school, to being able to approach and even take one home every once in a while. At times I even felt like I could will good interactions with women, be confident and dominate. But it would come and go and then I hit a dry spell. Like a 6 month dry spell. I thought to myself well I just need to work on my innergame. I would take cold showers every morning, workout, meditate, eat healthy take all my vitamins. Sure felt healthy but no improvement in pick up, still in a dry spell, still having trouble getting girls to invest. This led to a 6 week break where I had to re-evaluate my approach to pick up.

Id spend a lot of time on rsdnation and one poster (manwhore) in particular kept on getting my attention. Every post I read I was like this guy makes a lot of sense and knows what he is talking about. I tried to find as many of his post as I could and eventually I was like holy shit he has his own website. I get to the website and I read his advice on forum/articles. I see that he offers training. Ive always have been skeptical about paying for any kind of pick up advice or training. Reason being I know myself and there is no way I can learn pick up in 3 days or a day long work shop. It took me a fucking year to learn long division lol. So I go through and read pretty much every review in one night. What kept coming up over and over was the impact of the drilling. This really resonated with me since I was craving some sort of structure to my game. Every once in a while i could get in state and be charming and do some really good flash game but with no structure id find that all I had was getting in state doing some approaches and if the girl was super into me id be able to take her home. So inconsistent and so frustrating.

So I had read enough and the appeal of the drills was enough to make me sign up. I signed up. I was so eager lol that the next day I emailed Jon and asked him if he received my application he got back to me same day and we started the process and explained how the training works and what I can expect. One thing I picked up on early and was a recurring theme throughout the training was how much Jon actually cares and really gives you a great sense of comfort right off the bat. His confidence in himself, the program and myself was really motivating because it gives you a great sense of hope which pushes you to excel.

We start the program it’s a weekly skype session and immediately I get the sense that this guy gets it. He articulates a lot of the things that I kinda get at but cant quite articulate. We end the first session with a drill. I go out that night and I can talk forever. Not that one night of the drill and I learned how to talk forever but the first time you do these drills you get really present and its easy for that momentum to carry over if you go out that same night.

Now old habits die hard. Ive never been a hard worker. Its my biggest problem constantly looking for magic pills, and quick fixes and just like everything else I half assed the the drilling for the first 3 weeks. As much as he can be comforting he will also push you after reading my report Jon tore me up on that call and I was pissed and embarrassed at myself. I am taking this training and I am half assing it.

 Ever since that call Ive felt like a new man. I went out that night on a Tuesday after an hour of drilling and had the most successful night ive ever had in pickup and ended pulling a hottie, tall, fit, long legs. Amazing body. Pulled her and closed her twice that night. I closed three new girls that week. I closed another a week later when I was out solo. This time the girl was there with her sister and a friend and I am out solo. That week we had just covered leading and moving girls. Before id have just gone for a # close since there is no way im gonna get her away from her sister LOL. We were fucking in the back of my car 15 minutes later. I mention solo because that was another huge problem for me. I couldn’t approach before if I was out alone unless I was drinking.

Since that time Ive lost count of how many new girls ive picked up and slept with something like 12-15 since then. Ive also been able to keep a few of these girls around and different times in the last few months have had rotations going. Simply amazing to see that growth its carzy!

Do the fucking drills if you take this training. Do them right away and do them all time, take them seriously you will learn to love them and girls will learn to love you!

They help you in every way. They fix your voice they make you more present and in the moment, you become more creative, you become witty and you learn how to express yourself freely and really allows you impress your on the world. Its incredible how much more authoritative ive become with girls just as incredible is how my demeanor and changed in the office too.

Another incredible thing is the development of your presence and resting awareness. The spiritual side of things. I had already the power of now and a bunch of other things and I had a very shallow understanding of how it all worked. Something like be conscious and in the moment. Mediate to stop over thinking but its so much more than that. (I’ll make a post about this soon).

You will also realize that Jon knows women. Like early on I was texting this girl and it was turning combative, even though there was a lot of attraction. I send him the text thread and he gives me advice on what to text and she is over at my place that same night and we have sex. Countless examples of this on the forum too. I still have a lot of work to do on my text game buts its defiantly improved markedly.

I really appreciated that Jon is always available to text over skype, email in between sessions. Always gets back to me quickly. Held me accountable for deadlines and homeworks and really goes deep into my personal experiences. He is not just giving you a one size fits all training program.  

This training has transformed me. Almost like it woken something up inside of me. Not some through some woo woo way but through engagement and presence development. It gave me the tools to express myself authentically. Before all that energy was pent up and it stifled my life. The drills are tools, practice, and training on how to release that energy out on the world. Once you do that things get so much clearer and you start to act in your own intentions. Absolutely life changing.        

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Thanks man. Definitely one of

Thanks man. Definitely one of my favorite reviews ever


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