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This was an email I sent to Jon before a daily write up.

I have so much to say I dont even know where to begin. Have you ever seen that movie called yes man with Jim Carrey? Thats how my life is starting to feel when he says yes to everything. I have been saying yes to everything and getting good results. Anyways I practiced all the voice drills every day all day in my truck. It was quite entertaining actually. I started noticing things like right away at work, I was over powering everyone and everyone stopped talking when I did and actually paid attention to me. Everyone just started responding to me a lot more favorably. I went out to the lake and camping with people I knew and really didnt know that well, and everyone I met wanted my attention and actually kept saying my name to get it. Going out of their way to talk with me, it was really eye opening.

This whole process has been like pulling a cork out of a stopped bottle. I was leading conversations, telling stories and I didnt even have to think about it. Like my mouth was already moving and I had something to say on everything, even starting the conversations. It was all automatic. This is really exciting times for me as I never thought I could achieve this. Even back when I was a lot more social I was never able to do this. I actually starting to LIKE people and socializing again. Im probably moving a lot slower then you would like, but this feels like huge leaps for me. There is just so much going on here I cant even think of what to write.

As for women, the very first girl I opened up after practicing the vocal drills it was a very cool thing. I greeted her and as soon as I started talking with her its like her whole body lit up and body language went from depressed to excited, it was the weirdest thing ever. I dont think I have ever seen someone changing states so fast just by me opening up my mouth or any one else.

Another girl I opened up wasnt quite as obvious but she didnt want to stop talking to me, even though I had to go. We were glued eye to eye for what seemed like an eternity.

I didnt go out to the bars as much as I would like, its camping/lake season now and I forgot just how serious everyone around here takes it. EVERYONE goes to the lake, rather then the bars, its a ghost time around this time of year.

We have 1 session left and I must say this has been the most eye opening 3 weeks  I have ever been through, I havent felt this positive about life and myself in general in a very long time. I really want to thank you for what you have done for me and do for other people.

Joined: 06/07/2012
I like your name.

I like your name.