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Joined: 09/22/2015

**The 21st century doesn't use the body anymore**

Subject: Re: You caught I'm very perceptive huh. Your outfit was really sexy. Excuse my lame subject line :) There's two lines for this ish** AW MAN jk :) I don't normally email women. But your worth it Ms. Jakkay. So what's on your agenda today? Where does the 40 take her highness.


Her: Relaxing and chilling with my friend.

Me: Chillin kool kool. Let your friend know that your takin and that I just don’t know yet (you say that part) I’m not possessive ha.


Me: Brain fart real quick do you mind: Do you love Wiz Khalifia.

Me: Imma take a little nap. Catch ya in about 30

Me: Ms Jakkay ms. thing you are.You know any Longboarding pros 

Her: I don't like wiz khalifa


Her: I don't know any long boarding pros

Me: What I was so nervous, I don't want to scare you BUT... I want you.

Me: Wizzy Paperbound and promises is good music

Me: I love being vegan, learning new things, and making people feel good.

What do you love?

Joined: 09/22/2015

Me: How old is your little man
Her: 2
Me: Wow hes big for his age
Me: Is that a grownup answer. Is that enough
Me: Jk happy face 
(She 'laughed' when I said I was 20 and she was 30.)
Me: Mommy please give me a breast to suck
Me: I want to be grown and sexy too
Her: lol
Me: I knew you would love that
Me: Actually that was a shot in the dark
Me: I am seducing you so far
Her: So what do u do are u in sales cause I done sales my whole life and u talked to me like it was your pitch
Me: Ah I have to laugh at that one
Me: I merely chat to woman of quality a lot
Me: I mack on hoes all the time jk
Her: U crazy
Me: Ah maybe a little bit. Um I am sexy and I know it.
Me: I want to show you how big of an adult I am
Me: Are you busy sweetie?
Her: Omg wow