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Stole the idea for this from James Clear, who puts out some really good stuff. check out his review here

I’ve never really done this in such an explicit form, but from now on I will.  

It’s pretty simple exercise. Just ask these three questions and then answer as honestly as you can:

  1. What went well this year?
  2. What didn’t go so well this year?
  3. What am I working toward?

What went well this year?

Health and Fitness:

One of my clearest goals is to be the fittest mofo I ever was when I turn forty, about ten years from now. Sometime 2013 I decided doing cross fit three times a week would take of the physical side of things. Unfortunately I never managed to get in the groove.

I changed that 2014. Been training three times a week reliably. Only trainings I ever missed were, when I was sick in bed or away. Did my first strict muscle ups, even one with 8kgs extra.

Quite a lot of other little PRs, but nothing extraordinary.

Improved whole posture incredibly, thx to my training, my watchful trainers and also to fully immersing myself in Kelly Starret’s vidblogs and any other info I could get my hands on.

Been doing Paul Wades Trifecta after trainings with almost no exceptions. -> I can sit the whole day at my desk without back-pain. Also I do a pretty decent bridge now (I sucked really bad at it)

Additionally I have been working on my mobility for 10 to 20 mins about five times a week (there were some bigger,i.e. weekly gaps in the chain though), mostly ankle and hib mobility, plus some for flat feed -> but for the first time ever  I do have decent squat form, better than most but far for from excellent still.  At least I can squat some weight without having to fear injuring myself.

Also after ten years of running from doc or shaman to the next I finally got halfway plausible, if still inconvenient diagnosis for the constant fever cough attacks I get. Hand in hand with a therapy that at least cures most of the symptoms without affecting me otherwise negatively. I’m still sick a lot, but at most half as much as the years before and not as bad. That’s big heureka, although lately it’s been worthening.

Been doing intermittent fasting roughly 95 % of the days.

Ate more spinacci and broccoli this year then whole rest of my in the rest of my life. Made an interesting diet experiment with Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet.



Completed my 30 day Be your own boss challenge.

Got a job offer as a tutor. I'll be damned if that wasn't overdue.  Lol

Held ten minute talk in front of more than 300 students, pretty much rocked it.

Got only As and one lonely B (which ironically was my best work, but unfortunately what I argued for was pretty much in direct conflict with the written opinion of my prof.  so what can you do. I don’t hold it against him).

Conceptualized an ambitious but neat thesis project that actually might be read by a couple of people that are not obligated to read it, because of its merits. Maybe, if anything works out the way I hope. Should at least provide the material for one or two papers with a serious publishing chance.

Started living by budget again.

Girls and Pickup:

Found myself a reliable and cool wing, and maybe one or two more now.  

Completed a thirty day challenge.

First time of my life taking night game seriously.

Fingered girl on the dancefloor.

First bathroom floor pull.

First sober club pulls and lays.

Started writing regular fieldreports.

Talked to shit-tons of hot girls.

Spirituality, Fulfillment:

Got myself completely of facebook first six month of the year.

I always loved to sing been afraid to sing publicly, since when I was fifteen my friends were like: ‘Chris, play the guitar as much as you want, but shut the fuck up, will you?” So I thought I had shit voice, nothing to do about it. I also thought I can’t write. Don’t even know why, just that I disliked writing. So I never wrote texts for the songs I composed or poetry or whatever. I knew I needed to face my fears in these areas, if I ever want to be cool with myself.

Practiced singing for about an hour daily for the first three months of the years.

I wrote a couple of songs, some of which I am still very happy with both melody and text wise.

I performed three of my songs on stage alone just with my guitar at different open mic venues. Biggest audience was about 150 ish, but the first time was the worst. I literally near pissed myself. Got lots of praise actually for the songwriting, some ambiguous comments about my POWERFUL voice, and no contracts yet. lol Truth is in performance and singing still need shit tons work. But my eyes turned elsewhere, that is Pickup for you, after I reached this little milestones. For now. Still practicing singing quite a lot, but not writing songs and performing currently.

Also wrote assorted array of poetry, from ballads to Haikus and even read some stuff at another open mic. But didn’t do a poetry slam yet. Next year. ;)

What didn’t go well?

Health and Fitness:

Effect of the therapy has been lessening the last months.

Did not reach a full sixpack, and lost the sixpack goal after my holidays.

I’m not taking sleep seriously enough.

Career and Finance:

I thought I would have my thesis finished at the end of August. But I didn’t even hand in my abstract until October. Lol

Work on the thesis is a painstakingly slow process.

I didn’t earn a single Euro this year myself. Sold a couple things and lived pretty much minimal from my parents charity and some savings. I’m still pretty well off, obviously, in comparison to probably about eighty or ninety percent of my fellow humans on this earth. Non-the-less, for once I’d like to spend my own money again, and I also like to spend easily double as much on better food, etc. That’s pretty pathetic, all in all.

Girls and Pickup:

I just counted and realized I have only had sex with seven girls this whole year. Couple of repeats in were in there, but nothing turned into anything regular. Truth is I haven’t had as little sex and with so few girls as I had this year for the last 4 years. Can’t even say that I made it up in quality. On my personal scale, I’d say one six, the rest low or high sevens. With the couple of high quality girls that I met I usually fucked it up before it even got to the meetup. On the other hand I never turned so many girls down as I did this year. Mostly I just didn’t go for it, when the opportunity was there, because I figured a better one was just around the corner. Also quite legit reasons, bad kissers, too soft, weak, low self esteem, if any of that meets with of lack of compliance I’m outta here. Just wondering, whether my standards are too high, but don’t think so. But ain’t weeding the good crops from the bad crops fast enough. And my funnel sure as hell isn’t big enough. Yet I do and did not consistently persist with the one that actually made cut, and for which I actually have to work. I’m not in the make it happen or die mindset at all.

Effectively since October I haven’t been training  with any consistency at all. Mostly because of sickness, and being pre-occupied with my thesis and future plans. However can’t expect big results then.

My phone-game actually got worse, or at least I have more girls flaking on me. Especially regarding quick numbers. Because I put too much pressure on myself to not be not boring funny. If I’m needy, in text it will always show.  I tend to overthink texts. In person the momentum of the interaction will usually carry me very fast into a good frame, or it goes nowhere. Might be a fallacy, here though. Maybe it didn’t really get worse, but I’m really only making an effort on the higher caliber girls, and that obviously only sporadically.

Almost no daygame, pussying out a lot there.

All in all what I’m missing here mostly is consistent action. But there is also clearly another thing happening here: I do not care as much about getting laid anymore as I used to do. The reason for this I believe that getting and being good with girls was also always some kind compensatory exercise for me, to make up for my lack of purpose, drive, and fulfillment in other areas of my life. I do not have to prove my worth to myself anymore by getting laid, and getting laid my some mediocre girl just to get laid doesn’t inspire me much any more. Fucking a girl is just fucking a girl. It’s nice. Feels good. Some times better than others. But that is actually all there is.  I have lived and played out a lot of my fantasies. Ironically in any given moment that doesn’t prevent me necessarily from being needy. It’s only that I do not get hung-up on it anymore (which is a good thing). And while the player lifestyle ultimately lost a lot of its appeal, because it demands a lot of energy expenditure that could very well be poured more efficiently into some less adolescent fantasies of ultimate alphaness and admiration, no way I could satisfiedly sit back now in fake monkish superiority. I need to have really played in the first league first, before I can sit back and say that I do not need all this anymore. And that I have not done yet!


After half a year of having had my facebook account deactivated, I’m about as hooked on fb, assorted unimportant information, porn, streaming vids, and of course shitty foods as ever lol. While I can follow strict rules on my self regarding these medications, I have not made my peace with banning them totally.  And on the other hand I have not learned moderate consummation, especially not when I’m troubled by other stuff. Moderation though is a worthy goal I’d say.  

  1. What am I working towards?


I’m going to keep working on my Squat form with daily mobility until I do bodyweight squats with perfect form and also Overhead squats with extra bodyweight.

I’ll make getting eight hours of sleep priority.

I will improve my diet by using IIFMM methodology, probably making a cut first, and then slow bulking. Gonna have to do a little more research on whether and how to do that with cross fit.


I got three very clear goals here:

  1. I will finish my thesis and thereby my studies.
  2. I will become financially independent from my parents.
  3. (I will start some kind Blog/Online Business that will allow me to work what I want from where I want any time in the long run)

Girls and Pickup:

I will go out consistently again and establish a firm web of habits around pickup that sets me on an automatic road to success. Talking to the first cute girl I see everyday, for instance. and some kind of routine of how I deal with numbers etc. And I’ll get my heart back into daygame.

I will built a sweet little harem again and then consistently increase quality of girls.

I will try to  my first threesome (ffm lol) under my belt. Damnit.(obvisouly can't force that one).

Finally I will take MW Coaching to help me with all these goals.



I will to be truly moderate regarding my numerous cravings, but ultimately more consistent.

I will also sing and write daily.

I will take part in a poetry slam.

I will sing (improvise) at public jamsession (so far I shitted my pants too much, the level of skill and artistry was way too high lol)

I will write and try to pusblish a couple of essays in renowned papers in germany. Time to make a name.



My 2015 resolutions in a nutshell: more writing, more singing, more money, and more sex.



Joined: 05/05/2014
edit. actually it was eight

edit. actually it was eight girls. forgot the hottest one, derp