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Nailed the text game on this hb9 Model + Tips for Getting Laid

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So I met this model on instagram.... In the past, I burned it to the ground and was never able to meet up...

Well this time, a couple months later.. I Decided to add her on snapchat.. That was it..

My snap story was me beating the shit out of this martial arts toy called bob...

She hit me up on snapchat!!! 

her: What did the poor thing ever do to you

SO I took an entirely new angle, that meant being cocky, clever and delibeartely pushing her away to make her chase, then getting her to invest before rewarding her.. IT worked like a charm. Because it's on snapchat.. I don't have the convo..

But I responded with something like

me: Hey.. This is between me and bob. You don't know the whole story.

Then she went along with it.. And just kept putting the foot on the gas... I eventually said..

me: yeah sure, nice try.. You're just trying to get in on our love triangle.. I know ur moves 

her: dammit. You caught me. Was I really that obvious?

me: yes

her: well what can i say, bob is just so irresistable 

me: he really is.. ANd best of all. no matter how much abuse i put him through, he never gives up on me.. That's all I look for really

it goes on a bit then I hit her with

me: me and bob decied u can join us.. BUt u have to bring us ciders 

she eats this up... asks what kind of ciders... Keep messaging... Tone down the bob thing a little... I tell her we're both free of commitments tomorrow after 9... 

She tells me to text her with her number and she's down.. She's gonna drive 20 mins to come chill.....


1. Use SNAPCHAT!!!! DO stories to DHV and get these bishes to hit u up lol.... Try messaging on snapchat.. GIrls tend to respond much faster for whatever fucking reason..

2. Try and get the girl to chase u.. And do so in a fun way.. Accuse her for trying to get in on ur shit... THen invite her to join, if she brings u something.. In this case, ciders!!!! 

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maybe I'm a newbie

just out of curiosity what's DHV? lol

Good thread BTW glad you're still up to no good.

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Haha!! Awesome.  You could

Haha!! Awesome. 

You could definitely set up some interesting scenarios with "BOB". ;)

A DHV is a "demonstration of higher value". 


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