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Joined: 07/22/2014

Been hittin' this chick up. Text game is getting better. Having a lot more fun these days. 

Me: Stranger :)

Her: Oh hey you (seductive smile emoji)

Me: What sorta trouble are you causin today?

Her: Oh you know (seductive smile emoji) just doing homework aha it really hasn't been too exciting :p

Me: I'm so disappointed! No wild nights doing body shots off of strippers?

Her: Pfft nah that was last night (seductive smile emoji) tonight I'm all business!

Me: I think you're the kinda girl my mom warned me about :p

Her: Aha and what kind is that (seductive smile emoji)

Me: Well my term for it is the "pull my hair and spank me" type ;)

Her: Ahaha shh that's a secret though ;)

Me: Dirty little secret, I guess ;)

Her: Aha yeah so zip the lips (Monkey covering eyes emoji) no ones mom ever had to know (seductive smile emoji)

Me: Hmm I'll zip mine but I want yours open with something in it:)

Her: Hmm I wonder what that would be (seductive smile emoji) :)

Me: Take a guess ;)

Her: Hmm well I know it'll be a hard object (seductive smile emoji)

Me: I'm out of ideas on what to do with that

Her: I'm sure we'd feel inspired and figure it out ;)

Me: I'm afraid I don't know about that

Her: *insert nudes* What about now?

Me: Ah.. much better ;)

That was fun ... I haven't even banged yet but I def know what I'm doing later lol

Any critiques are welcome. Just learning here.


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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Joined: 07/22/2014
I have massive situational

I have massive situational confidence. I've noticed that the more in shape I get and the more I stick to pursuing my goals, the higher my confidence shoots too and I can just game really well based on how I'm feeling (which makes a lot of sense, you feel good, you do good). I'm really coming into my own this year. I'm really happy with the progress I'm making.

Also a lot of people say I'm good looking, I guess that helps but I don't try to factor that in cause looks don't really matter from what I've been taught/told. 

That convo is probably our third/fourth as well. It started off more cool, chill, funny. Then the second convo I started turning up the heat a bit and now this haha


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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Excellent. I definitely

Excellent. I definitely employ the coy style from time to time lol 


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Joined: 07/22/2014
Thanks man, learnin' from

Thanks man, learnin' from some of the best here! 

Took me a little longer to start to get it, but better late than never..


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar