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So a few weeks ago I met this girl, made out, pulled her back to my place, could've fucked her but unfortunately I passed out from drinking too much (to those about to give me shit, I know this was stupid, I've been going out sober/drinking significantly less since)

Needless to say I had a good time with the girl and obviously wanna fuck her still.

We've been texting a bit here and there since, she clearly is into me, but she's flaked a few times. Normally I don't take that shit after a few times but she was really apoligetic and genuinely wants to hang out. We made a plan for tomorrow (Friday night) and I want to take action to avoid another flake.

We made the plan on Monday and I was going to text her yesterday to keep her warm but she ended up texting me with "soooo i can't wait to see you" and we went on from that, where she gave me a few more texts pretty much telling me it's on. Also at one point she said "I'm actually sick of going out to bars but it's ok this time since I'll be with you ;)"...

My only problem is I'm not a big on text game right now and it's the weakest part of my game. I'm not always terrible but overall I just hate not talking face to face, my subcommunication is where I shine. So our convos have gotten a little dry when we're not talking about plans and I'm trying not to turn her off with boring conversation. In fact the end of our convo got so boring I stopped answering lol. But I know she's a fun girl in person.

Anyway my questions are- how much should I text her between today and tomorrow? Should I just text her and see if the plan is still on and leave it at that? Also since she said she's sick of going out, should I just see if she wants to do something else (like go to my bro's hot tub he lets me use)?

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Just send her a mass text

Just send her a mass text from the database. Honestly if your texting is that bad you've potentially already fubar'd this one hopefully it works out. 


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Manwhore wrote: Honestly if

Manwhore wrote:
Honestly if your texting is that bad you've potentially already fubar'd this one hopefully it works out. 

It might be but she has been pushing for hanging out this time, she texted me saying "sooo I want to see you soon" a couple days after her 3rd flake. Also she left like 5 rings at my place so I literally have to at least see her to give them back. And that's after a different convo where I said I'll just drop her rings off when I'm in town and she said "but I still wanna hang out". Overall it seems like she's still interested but she's making it complicated as fuck to make a plan lol

I definitely do need to work on my text game though and from what I've seen your ebook probably is my best bet

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Here's a format someone gave

Here's a format someone gave me for dealing with flaking after she's flaked before:

You agree with her on the false excuse she is giving you (pacing), explain the impact of flaking on your time (your time is valuable) then set your expectations of her (assertive dominance) The msg conveys that you are the prize.

As in:

Hey xxx, on one hand I understand ur situation w the babysitter but on the other I find it not cool... I reserved the night for u... If we're going to hangout I want to know u r reliable

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I really like what Alex

I really like what Alex recommended there. Going to be using that myself. Cheers man


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