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 This is really strange, but ever since I put my school information on my tinder profile, I've been getting a ton of matches with intellectual type girls. Lil different than shock and awe kinda stuff I always go for lol

Me: Future Surgeon huh?

Me: brain surgeon, heart surgeon...whatcha thinking?

Her: leaning towards cardio but im not 100% certain yet haha

Me: gawd damn thats some serious shit lol

Me: Im a Pa major but have no intentions of ever stepping foot into an operating room

Her: Thats cool though! do you know exactly what you want to do?

Me: I like endocrinology but will prob start off primary care

Her: thats so cool though!

Me: hey kacie whats your number im going to bed but you seem cool ill txt you sometime

Her:[ number]

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Cool bro invite her to a tea

Cool bro invite her to a tea party


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Joined: 03/27/2013
Me: ayyy [college} Her: U

Me: ayyy [college}

Her: U know

Me: Are you a freshman lol

Me: You look so unfamiliar

Her: nope going to be next year

Me: oh okay!

Me: sweet what major

Her: bio

Me: solid choice homie

Me: its a good major but I do quite honestly hate my bio teacher :(

Her: oh that sucks

Me: its fine I have the internet on my side

Me: have you ever visited and/or blacked out at {college} :p

Her: I visit all the time, my brother is a freshman and I live the town over. I havent gone to a party yet

Me: who is your brother

Her: {name}

Me: ok totally just facebook stalked and I dont know him

Me: gawd I feel anti social now lol

Her: omg relatable

Her: im laying in bed rn so

Her: im pretty antisocial

Me: yah what are you doin

Me: its your senior year

Me: you should be out playing in the streets :p

Her: im tired?

Her: omg

Her: nah im listening to music

Me: beethoven or mozart?

Me: grandma

Her: shut up :P

Her: jamming to green day

Me: I can respect that!

Me: Hey katherine whats your number lets take this off the crazy world of tinder

Her: well whats your snap

Me: {username}

Her: I added you :)

ehhh not too bad

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Joined: 03/27/2013
Me: cool name lol Me: what

Me: cool name lol

Me: what nationality is that?

Her: im indian

Me: thats cool im really white

Me: I like the diversity

Her: hahaha its okay I really like white boys

Me: yay :)

Me: dayuum 79 miles away where you from?

Her: Im from {town} but I go to school at {college}

Her: hbu

Me: ohh that makes sense

Me: I go to {college] im from {town}

Her: Ohhh I know a few people that go there

Me: oh really whose that

Me: my friend goes to {college}

Me: he goes by the name {inside joke}

Her: This girl named {name} and {name} hahaha nope sorry I havent met {name}

Me: I dont know them either :(

Me: how is {college}? a lot of drinking/blacking out?

Her: its so fun haha theres always something to do but I have yet to black out

Her: Ive had many brown-outs but no black outs

Me: lol! Ive neevr heard of a brown out

Me: but good for you! some self control right there

Me: brown out certaintly includes puking right?

Her: a brown out is only remembering certain parts of the night but not foregetting completely hahaha and I do really throw up easily but yes I have thrown up

Me: I like the honesty and enthusiam!

Me: javani you seem cool, whats your number? so when I go to {college} we can party

Her: {number}

Her: you seem nice too lol