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New Camera: Been looking at Canon Rebel ti's as well as the Sony A6000's

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Or the Sony NEX series..

Basically I'm looking to get super clear video and even good for infield. I can use a green screen if I want to or not, but I need to up my production quality to get to the next level.

My buddy is talking me into bargaining this one down to $800:


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How do you plan to record

How do you plan to record audio?

I'm guessing for the infield you have are using an external microphone (somewhere on you), and matching up the audio. You might want to make sure whatever you get has a microphone output that physically attaches to the camera for your videos/interviews where you are speaking directly at the camera to make things easier. However, if thats not a priority then you can get a camera a lot cheaper without an external mic. output.       

Also, I assume you plan on shooting from a distance for the infield. Try to get a camera that comes with the appropiate lens for what you need, because it appears like lenses are where all the money is. I'm no expert but i'm currently looking for a camera as well and my friend told me to look into 18mm-135mm lenses because of their huge range of zoom.