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I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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You should make a

You should make a dedicated Snapchat too

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yeah really suprised at how

yeah really suprised at how huge snapchat got. It's the new insta 

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Amen, Snapchat and I.G. is


Snapchat and I.G. is where it's at.

inb4 Mawhore starts intimidating us with his stroke game on a 4 second snap.

Kidding, we don't want that....

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Yes, finally! ;-DLemme give

Yes, finally! ;-D

Lemme give you some powerful tips on how to reach out to a bigger audience:

* The first 10 posts should be REALLY good. To give people a good impression.

1. Hashtags! Everybody talks about them, for a reason. You can post UP to 30 hastags in one post (highly recommend putting them in the comment section of the post and NOT the caption (it looks amateuristic). What keywords (hashtags) to use? That's your job to find out, holmes. I recommend either looking at other dating pages and copying their hashtags, or to find them yourself. A good hashtag has between 100K - 1 000 K posts. Less and few people will see it. More and it drowns fast in the feed. The good news is, if you have your 30, you can just copy and paste them to each post, but each post should, ideally, have it's own 30 tags. Don't worry if you can't find 30 unique, lol.

2. Post regularly, 2-3 times a day (don't forget the hashtags :P)

3. Get people to participate. Use CTA's (call to action), sorta like "double tap and follow for more awesome posts".

4. Get big accounts to do shout outs for you.

5. Every 4-5th post should somehow hint at them buying/featuring one of your products/services. Don't forget to add a link to it on your main page for a specific link to your product/reviews/article, etc (use for a shorter url as instagram only allows a certain amount of characters in your presentation text).

6. Use good text your caption. I find that the better caption I have, the more engagement I get.

7. Certain times at the day/days of the week will yield a better result for your posts (I find early morning before people work (5 am - 8 am) work best for me. That's -9 hours for you since you reign in Vegas.

8. If you can somehow brand your images with a logo/text, it will give a much more professional appearance.

9. Follow these tips and grow your audience - they're solid. I'll give you a shout out, or more when you have a good base. I just recently started and I've got about 3 500 followers already.

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connect it with your fb

connect it with your fb business page, and you can see statistics of it as well (after 100 followers)


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