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Reached a new level of entitlement. Nothing has changed physicially, but everything has changed mentally for me. All stemming from the fact that I am pursuing my dream and working the hardest I ever have been in my life. I was texting Alex123 this, but the difference when I go not is that I not only assume I am enough but really assume that it will go well. There's a deep level of conviction there. The best analogy I can think of is before I would think I was enough, but there were glitches or chinks in the armor where i didn't FULLY believe this. Like 95% believed I was enough but that 5% was just unsure. Where as now it feels like I believe 110%. Like shit man who would've thought that 5% made all the difference. Like my breaking rapport was so on point when I was hitting up chicks last night with full entitlement. The hardest breaking rapport mixed in with an arrogant smirk. This sexy girl I hit up eventually brought up "I have a boyfriend" .. literally I just said "Look ... are you in LOVE him?" she's like "i can't answer that i don't even know you!" .. "yes you can but we both know the answer to that so put your number in my phone" this was said w/so much conviction and she just complied in front of her friends lol. other stuff happen w/diff girls but it doesn't really matter. I feel like I neo from the matrix lmao. 

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Nice. Now start setting your

Nice. Now start setting your sights higher. Compliance is king. But you're absolutely on the right track 


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"yes you can but we both know

"yes you can but we both know the answer to that so put your number in my phone", haha that's pretty boss.
i came to a great realization during christmas shoping when i approached a couple of girls, and was in the zone...the state when you just walk with cocky smirk on your face, and with eyes brightly lit. and with this is walked into some shop going directly to a girl working there asking her something...but just by the way i moved, and looked it was completely on before i even opened my mouth...and then i was talking about some xmas present i wanted to buy but it was actually flirting. i know it's super obvious for many of you, but the first time you experience this sort of pickup without even trying to, is just amazing. finally understood the concept of 'it's all in the subcommunication'.

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The type of smirk and bright

The type of smirk and bright laser eyes that know she's going to be interested (doomed). She looks and it instantly becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, whatever you feel she feels.

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I've had some moments when i

I've had some moments when i thought i was gods gift to girls. And literally i was.

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Alright for sure so start

Alright for sure so start hard lining for the close with these chicks. 

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farkin gnarly! How the hell

farkin gnarly! How the hell did you guys get your member pass to mount Olympus?


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