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Hi all, 

I created an account today but have been a lurker for the past year. I saved up enough $$ to take MW's training (is the 2000$ deal still going on?) and had a question before beginning:

 What kind of time commitment is the program?

I ask because I want to know if now is the best time to take it, or if waiting a few months would just mean I would be in a better position to get the most out of it. I am trying to get back on track fitness/health wise, so would probably keep my interactions outside 3AM nightclubs. 

I'm also open to any advice from people who are able to go out twice a week until very late and be productive the following day. 

Thanks guys, 

Looking forward.

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First question would be

First question would be better to PM MW about, but I can chime in on the second.

its fairly simple, you either want to change your life, or you don’t. Yes, there is a ton of time involved as this is not some slap dick training. It involves rewiring (insert how old you are) years of incorrect brain wiring, working through mental barriers, becoming a true man, succeeding / failing, and most importantly..., stepping outside of your comfort zone all the time. 

Its not just the going out part, it’s the commitment you need to make to work on yourself. Most of the assholes you read on RSD are giant failures because they spend 0% of time on inner game... which is the toughest part. This training forces you to tackle that... which can be pretty tough at times. 

So, back to your original question. Is it the right time to take it? Only if you are ready to live a new life. If not, probably not right for you at this point 

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Hey dude, yes I'm opening the

Hey dude, yes I'm opening the $2000 deal back up. That goes for everybody. Seems my design skills aren't quite up to par and I've bottlenecked my own program. But I don't plan on sucking for too much longer so get on it quick ;) 


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Oh, that's a great deal.  So

Oh, that's a great deal. 

So it seems like you don't have a schedule?  You can go out late and still be productive. I had a buddy go out every night, go to sleep around 6 am, wake up work properly. repeat. It just different times, and needs a bit more self-discipline I think.

 Make sure you have a good quality sleep - as far as possible... (make sure it's dark, tape your mouth if you're a mouth breather, blue light filter etc. )

You can also try power naps if you've to wake up early.

Honestly, there never will be an 'optimal' time. Optimal would've been years ago :) 

If you can go out 3x a week, I'd jump on it. 


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