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Hello guys, one question, once I had an interesting experience: 

I met a girl, she showed interest in me (wanted to make a selfie with me). Later we met in the evening, just chilling and drinking some wine. It was more or less impossible to speak with her, because she didn’t speak English at all (I am travelling). She was not drunk, but the alcohol showed still some effect. We danced much (I showed her how to dance bachata, a very close and erotical dance). I kissed her neck often. Now the interesting part: she always refused to kiss me! We sat down, I touched a part of her ass. Then she wanted to go inside sleep (it was a hostel, but I was not living in it). I gave her a slap on her ass, she responded with sticking her ass out (asking probably for more), so, while she was going inside I went behind her and touched her ass, than she was doing the dishes, after perhaps 10 seconds I was fingering her from behind what made her horny. After perhaps 20 more seconds she wanted to turn around. I put her on my shoulder carrying her away, to the next toilett. When she saw one she said “here”, I choosed another one. Inside we had sex, during which we kissed each other. After the sex she refused to kissed me again. 

Now my questions: how is it possible that a woman refuses to kiss somebody, but having sex is ok? And for next times, how can I still escalate when a woman do not want to kiss me? How to decided to go on/ escalate or not (because of course sometimes they are just not interested at all)? 

Regarding to this another experience:

I met a married woman, were very kind to each other, again dancing very close, kissing the neck, but no real kissing, much kino, also from her, not only me doing it. When I want to kiss her, which I tried a few times, she says she is “not ready for this kind of relationship”, whatever it means. I am not sure what she thinks about her marriage, I get mixed answeres, she is happy with her marriage on the one hand, but want to leave the country with her son, without her husband on the other hand. I don’t get it. we spend around half a day in total together, could not meet later, because she left the region.

What do you think about that, especially after hearing the hostel-story? Was in your eyes more kino/ sex possible?

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This is very common and

This is very common and something I've been screaming at you dudes for years about. STOP getting bottlenecked at the kiss. Her lips are 2% of her body. Her entire body is an escalation mechanism. You are being needy and wanting the approval and validation of her kissing you back, and she can see this in your eys and it turns her off. This is rather common. When you show you know a woman's body well enough to not have to kiss her it says something about you. If she doesn't want to kiss, proceed as usual without kissing. 

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