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Pickup Coaching
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Hey 0 so this isn't directly related to pickup. I've got a decent girlfriend and my games pretty decent compared to most guys (not very good compared to someone like manwhore though)

I really look up to some of my coworkers and I lose all alphaness when talking to them. It's not a big deal - they got mad love for me. I really respect them in terms of their dedication to the grind and how well they do at work. But I think that some degree of alphaness would help me with sales and stuff.

I'm genuine as fuck (that's what helped me do kickass at pickup) so I think that helps - but I really don't know what to do in this particular setting.



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Your second sentence there

Your second sentence there says it all.

Stop holding yourself in comparison to other people, that's your starting point. Tolle talks about this quite a bit too. You place this "mind-made conceptualization" on these other guys and hence a conceptualization onto yourself, and you start acting out these superiority/inferiority complexes.

Once you let that go, you stop buying into other peoples BS conceptualizations of you as well. That's where you get that nice "alpha" unreactiveness.

It's so damn liberating. Also amusing to see when people try to impose their conceptualization on you and it just rolls off, almost without notice. People do it 100% unconciously and it tends to throw a wrench in their gears sometimes.


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I used to have this problem

I used to have this problem where it would be very easy for me to get stifled when talking to superiors. I still occasionally have it but it's gotten better. Staying present and meditating has done this for me.