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TESTIMONIAL: Objective comparing of Manwhore training vs other dating coach

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The training:
Manwhore : exercising drills, that help you connect with your natural masculine core that you have, but get repressed for various reasons. Gives you understanding on where the actual problem lies, so you can actually make connection with the drills and you know how and why they will help you. That makes you actually wanting to do them. Inner game, outer game doesn’t matter. He brings out the core and you feel like you were meant to be a pimp.

Other coach : gives you missions to do and accepts no excuses if you didn’t do them. Now that’s not necessarily bad, but it didn’t make sense for me. For example going to girls and standing there until they ask you to leave. You’ll be like WTF why am I doing this? I don’t want to do this and I don’t know why I’m doing this except that he wants me to do it and he’ll be pissed if I don’t. It’s military-like training, just do it I don’t care why you don’t.

Coaching methods:
Manwhore : Had some serious fun time, dude has mad sense of humor. Makes connection with you by sharing his stories and telling about his journey. We actually had a similar stuff going on during childhood, and even doing the same way in college. He gives you ton of encouragement when you need it, spots both your weaknesses and strengths. After sessions you usually feel like a boss. This doesn’t relate only to girls but social contacts also – you are so centered that everyone wants to have some of your time. Comes to sessions prepared, knowing what the next step is.

Other coach : Makes you feel like a loser and gives you ton of reasons to be. Then tells you to do the missions that will un-loser you. I think that’s how he motivates his students to complete the tasks. Brain thinks “ I’m a loser ,but if I do this and I won’t be.” Doesn’t work with me, since I like to know why I’m doing it and how It will help, not some blind faith. Also raises your tuition if you don’t do this which has the opposite effect on me. He reads your FR during the sessions, while you’re wondering whether he’ll yell at you again. I’m sure you can get awesome results with this type of training, but I can’t stand anyone yelling at me for no reason.

In a sentence
Manwhore : Drill this, and boss that you are will come out of you. You have everything needed, make it come out of you.
Other coach : you’re a loser if you don’t do this you’ll remain one. You lack a lot, train to gain them.

Both Manwhore and "other coach" are always available if you have questions, they are very cool guys. Their trainings are different, they will get you results, its just a matter of which is your cup of tea.
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Thank you for writing this

Thank you for writing this dude. You did great I expect big shit from you, keep us updated. 


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