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OKCupid Conversation - asking for phone number got no response

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  • Hey guys,
    I've been writing with this girl today. The only thing on her profile was that her travel plans and bucket list goals are important to her. How would you say did I handle the conversation up to this point and  she hasn't replied to this text yet. She hasn't replied to this mesage on OkC or text message yet. How would you reengage the conversation (I could use one of the standard manwhore text recovery lines). When should I ask for the phone number again.
    Thanks for your help 

    Hey XXX,
    whats the number one thing on your bucket list? A bungee jump, a trip to rain forest or the a trip to the moon?

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  • Already checked those first two things off my list, a trip to the moon would be cool, but not realistic at the moment, I like to keep things real. Set foot on all seven continents would probably be way up on top, but honestly, I usually don't put priorities on my goals, they are all important to me. Do you have a bucketlist? And what's on it?

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  • I love the fact that you also love travelling. I like girls who are adventurous and like to see new things. 
    I did a bungee jump last year. You were probably full of adrenaline too :D
    I also have a bucket list: here are a couple of things (in no specific order) 
    Launching a product that helps the world
    Building a school in Africa
    Robbing a bank with a cute girl

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     why do you want to rob a bank? Haha interesting list though, you seem to be an entrepreneur through and through
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    After bungee jumping, skydiving and travelling around it got a bit harder to excite me. 
    What can you do in Würzburg that is truely exciting...

  • If you are are nice you can join the robbery. You would get a skiing mask, a water pistol, and a lipstick grenade :D 
    P. S. I'll make sure we won't get caught ;)
    P. P. S. this okcupid stuff is too nerdy for me. Shoot me a text / whatsapp XXX XXX XXX XX

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Joined: 02/16/2013
can be deleated. She sent me

can be deleated. She sent me her number and I set up a meet-up :D