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Older Girl From Street Corner - Where Am I Messing Up?

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Yo was gucci ma killas. Lets get to it por favor

Girl From Street Corner:

I see this girl walking in another direction while I'm inside a bar and chase her down. I get her attention with a loud interjection about her clothes. We talk and she stops at the end of the side walk cause she was about to go to her car. She tries to give me her fb but I'm like FUCK NO and get the number.

Seed for froyo and pretty sure she's in her 30s...^_^

Me: Cutest girl i've met on a street corner yet. Call me. - Jihad

Her: Hahaha

Her: Come to think of it you are the cutest guy to approach me on the street

Me: Guilty :p

Me: Crashing for the night babylove. Talk manana and behave yourself. Till we graby froyo ;)

Absolutely love the *talk manana* text. **FROM THE MEMBERSHIP, if you guys haven't checked it out already ;D . You really should. A TON of text dynamite in there. 

I use it pretty frequently to set the vibe from the onset of a text thread and because it's a great stock text to close out the night when you're busy macking on other girls and don't have time to be on your phone crafting genuis.

*Next day

Me: Sitting at work bored as a blind kid how you doing boo

*Next day

Her: hey sorry about the late reply i didn't ignore you i just didn't get it until a little later. I've been moving i think i told you that

Her: What are you up to tonight

Me: no problem babe, you can repay me with cookies

Me: headed dt to barhop, could change. What are you doing pumpkin

Her: im at the lake house getting ready to leave and head back downtown. Probably gonna go out for a little bit, wanted to see if you were around

Me: cool maybe we'll see eachother. if not, i'll collect you and those cookies to satisfy my appetite for later

Me: lmk where you'll be you hot lil creampuff


Her: i love all these little names you call me

Her: i was planning on going to the street party between X & X unless its completely dead cause of the weather. Idk probably swing by X & X

Me: i'll call u more lil things when i have u curled up into me like a tiny kitten

Me: K we'll see babe

Her: where do you and your friends normally go

Me: Nothing set in stone. Used to be X but cover is so wack

Me: X & X

Her: Is it raining downtown?

Me: Nope jsut arrived. Probs be a chill night

Her: Pretty packed i dont know. Uber is not working for whatever reason

Me: About to leave where ya at

Her: Leave dt? I'm dt on X (gives me her address)

Me: U gonna cook me something nice if i stop by ;)

Her: Maybe another time most definitely i'll cook you something. I cant tonight however i diid promise my friends that i'd be out and they're already here.

Me: oh ya missed out babe i was looking extra cute today :p

Me: Icecream soon ok lovebug

*Nothing. - Ok I know my texting is pretty aloof in the middle but I was busy handling other stuff. If I had the time to craft up some wit in between then meeting up that night was def a possibility. Oh well.

*2 days later.

Me: Gawd im so done with this whole "stopping" at red lights thing. They'll be giving me police escorts soon.

*2 days later

Her: i dont know how i just saw this text LOL i have no idea what you are talking about but its funny

Me: hey you. whatcha up to

Me: i was sitting at a red light and had this epiphany

Her: trying to get the rest of my stuff moved

Her: that's awesome haha

Me: stoplights, SO overrated :p

Her: what are you up to today

Me: Just getting some nerd work done. its kewl.

Me: super hungry tho rawrr

Me: wbu booboo

*Nothing - Ok those last texts were gay to the max but i thought i'd throw in some disapproval anyways because she does get back to me on a very random basis.

*2 days later

Me: Thanks for ignoring me dork :p

*Nothing so far but knowing her, there's a 2 day timeline to texts lol. We'll see but i know there are certain dynamics i'm missing here. Idk why but I feel like im in such a texting slump and have started to prefer arrogant & aloof over silly & sincere. 



Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
And can someone give further

And can someone give further insights to Bateman's disapproval texts like

-Thanks for ignoring me dork


I feel like they're super petty and not what you want to communicate to a girl...but I'm sure they work on that certain type of girl. Super hot, attention whore, that needs to be taught a lesson. I could be reaching though.

Personally, I've never had great success using them. 

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Did you send the "thanks for

Did you send the "thanks for ignoring me dork :P" two days later?

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Meow wrote: Did you send the

Meow wrote:
Did you send the "thanks for ignoring me dork :P" two days later?


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I normally send those like

I normally send those like 5-8 hours later. Why didn't you just do a sweet reengagement text if it was two days later? lol

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
I felt like I was beating

I felt like I was beating around the bush too much and setting the wrong precendent. If she always goes ghost and then I re-engage with something clever it inadvertantly sets up a dynamic where she doesn't have to take me seriously cause she knows I'm just going to come back later with more firepower.

Although you're right, I should've sent that earlier.. whoops lol

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Oh, I get that actually that

Oh, I get that actually that but yeah I'd say that was sent way too late.

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Ya I agree lol. It's tough to

Ya I agree lol.

It's tough to keep track when you grab all these numbers and have to allot tons of time to manage their flakiness, and come up with texts constantly to bring them back either fun and engaging, or playful disapproval, or even some snap crackle pop action. Yanaw wut i meen?

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Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
AH when she said  Her: What

AH when she said 

Her: What are you up to today

I should've been like

Me: A date with you later, unless your back is hurting from all that moving grandma ;)