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Older guy I work with has a harem that provides domestic services in exchange for cawk

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I noticed that he always had delicious home-cooked meals every day, but no wife.  I didn't think much of it and one day I asked him and he said one of his girls cooked it for him.  Recently I greeted a woman outside who was looking for him, and she had something to give him.  I called his cell and got him to come around. 

The next day I asked him about her and he said "oh that's one of my girls." 

I can't remember how I brought it up a few days ago but I asked him something about the home-cooked meals.  He said he has anywhere from 5-8 of them who cook him 3 meals a day, do his laundary, and come over to clean his house.  I said, "Whoa!  How?!?!?"  He told me "I keep 'em happy."  I asked him again "How?" 

He said, "Whaddaya mean 'How'?  How?  Hahahaha I keep 'em full of cum!"

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Find out more. 

Find out more. 


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