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Older, wiser and just raised my credit score like 100 points - I'm baaack ;)

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Was texting with Manwhore yesterday cause it'd been so long I couldn't even remember how to log-in ha!

Been sensing myself shifting into a new era in my life and knew that I had to get back on the forum to share the vibes, learn from you all and poop out wisdom where I can

When I graduated college I became an absolute monster at cold approach and actually got pretty embedded in some of the undergorund NY club scene - eventually took down this username cause some faggots posted a picture of some chick I'd been banging in a way I wasn't comfortable with and I didn't want her to get hurt in any way

Then I discovered this thing called money and decided I wanted a lot of it and I've been on that adventure for a long while now. 

Lately though, probably the past 6-12 months, I've been itching for something else and couldn't quite put a finger on it but realized I just wanted to switch some things up. So, I actually just closed up my old spot, rented it out and am moving in with a couple super cute college chicks right next to a major university   - I'm in a place where I'm so excited to live with other people again. gawd there's gonna be some shennanigans

And boys - I shit you not.... they already presented me with a piece of paper that says I won't bring home "one night stands".. I redlined it and included a blow job a week in return so still waiting to hear back ;)

Anyway boys - glad to be back, love that there's a buncha new faces and even some of the old alums like Meow and Aequitas. Get after it



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Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Hahahaha that last part

Hahahaha that last part hilarious! Nice to have a legendd back!

Joined: 01/31/2012
Dude lol holy shit welcome back. The man’s

Dude lol holy shit welcome back. The man’s back. I no longer exclusively have that OG title tho :(