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Pickup Coaching
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So I on my profile , I have "aspiring stripper" as my profession as a joke. Sometimes I'll get girls that send  fun message about it. Example from this morning (this girl is pretty hot)

What route would you guys take here? Should I just assume she's DTF and go for the meetup? Keep screening her? Change the topic and get to know her?

her : If you ever need someone to go over your routine.. I will be happy to watch .. Lol

me : I love the enthusiasm. Makes me want to try harder ;-)

her : I don't want to objectify you but just want to be helpful .. :)

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If you throw $1 dollar bills

If you throw $1 dollar bills at me I won't feel as objectified 

But yeah you can run this so she's chasing you


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I know lots of feminist

I know lots of feminist girls, they absolutely LOVE the word objectify lol


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